Discussion: Trump Mulls AG Recess Appointment In Face Of Growing Support For Sessions

Democrats already made clear they will force the Senate to stay in session to deny Trunp the legal option to do this.


And Republican Sen. Grassley, the Senate Judiciary Chair tweeted yesterday it would not take up any AG replacement nominations this year.


Beat me to it: http://www.cnn.com/2017/07/25/politics/trump-recess-appointments/index.html

WTF does JeffBeau know about eradicating gang violence?


fool: noun: a person who acts unwisely or imprudently; a silly person

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So the new WH communications director is threatening the Chief of Staff with prosecution for “leaking,” while the President is at war with his own Attorney General–that is, when he’s not throwing transgender people out of the military, solving one of our most pressing national issues. I’m so heartened to see everybody on the same page, working hard on a positive agenda for the American people. And I’m overwhelmed and gobsmacked by all the winning. So much winning.


The surest way to make Trump fire Sessions is to tell him not to.


WTF does JeffBeau know about eradicating gang violence?

He is getting his share of personal experience with Gang Violence right now…from the WH occupants…


I think you forgot to run that statement through your racist dogwhistle decoder ring.


This is all just too fucking delicious to me.

Sessions kissed Trump’s ass to get this cushy AG job that he probably feels made up for the fact that he didn’t get the judgeship years ago. Now Trump is stabbing him in the back, in the front, sideways, in the face and even in the kneecaps.

Serves him right. He knew Trump was a giant asshole - hell ANYone can see it.
When you lie down with dirty dogs you will wake up with fleas.


Now if I could just decide if I want him to fire Sessions or not.

On the one hand, it seems obvious that firing Sessions would be done in order to facilitate firing Mueller. And of course I want to see Mueller continue and complete his job.

On the other hand, firing Mueller would create a shit-storm of epic proportions, which could possibly lead to impeachment, or at least to paralysis of the Trump agenda and bigly GOP losses in 2018, which could then lead to impeachment.

Plus, you know…fuck Jeff Sessions.

But I guess I’ll have to go with keeping Sessions (and thus Mueller) on the job a while longer, so that Mueller can dig up as much as possible before Trump eventually snaps and finds a way to fire him, one way or the other.

Because perhaps the best case scenario is that Mueller finds some smoking guns in or around the Oval Office, and realizing that the noose is tightening, Trump fires Mueller in an attempt to squash the investigation and suppress the evidence, but the attempt to suppress the evidence fails, and then between the smoking guns and the obvious obstruction of justice, Congress finally has to act.


When you lie down with dirty dogs you will wake up with fleas

As I’ve said before, in this case, it’s more like “lie down with dogs, get up with rabies”.


He once helped settle an argument at Robert Shelton’s birthday party.

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Dim Dad does not dare to fire Sessions, he is too weak…

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What’s the downside on firing Sessions but not replacing him? Assistant AG gets fired next?

I TOLD YOU he would do a “recess appointment” for the AG.

I’ll bet money it will be Rudy Juilliani too!
Trump can be CERTAIN that Rudy will kill the investigation(s) because Mr. Noun-Verb-9/11 is implicated in it too.
He is just as dirty as Trump and has a long history of corruption and ties to the Russian Mob and NYC FBI office (you know, the people who dropped the “October Surprise” Weiner E-mail issue on Hillary and cost her the election.)

Remember, Trump only picks the WORST PEOPLE HE CAN FIND for positions of power.


I’ll bet money it will be Rudy Juilliani too!

Dark horse: Chris Christie, I think Jared may have been neutered…

I hope so. I want him to go ahead. Let’s see what the GOP will do, if anything.