Discussion: Trump Jabs GOP 2016 Candidates For Planning To Slash Social Security

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GOP fighting and finger pointing just warms my Democratic heart.


Oh Donnie Trump…haven’t you learned anything? The GOP have been bent on destroying Social Security since Roosevelt was in office.


America’s real problem is allowing buffoons like yourself think they are viable candidates for President and the jackasses (the “media”) that gives that you legitimacy.


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Says the gas bag who has filed for bankruptcy four times.


"Even Tea Party people don’t like it."

Is there anything that the Teahadists don’t hate?

I agree with Donald Trump…


I said it.

“They’re attacking Social Security — the Republicans — they’re attacking Medicare and Medicaid, but they’re not saying how to make the country rich again,” he added.

Not saying how to make the country rich again? Oh noes! Donald has repeatedly said with HUGE LOUD-TALKING MOUTH WORDS that he would make the country rich again and I’m sure he’ll say exactly how he plans to do that in vivid, persuasive detail ANY DAY NOW.

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[insert obligatory stopped clock and blind squirrel metaphor here]


This is another thing I dont understand about the gop…do they think only democrats get SS, Medicare, Medicaid? What the hell is wrong with these buffoons? In what part of the country is there a cry out for messing with the nation safety nets? WTF is wrong with these idiots?


I (might) believe the egomaniac with the bad comb-over when news of the “Trump Guillotine & Tumbril Manufacturing Corporation, LLC” IPO hits the street. Talk about growth potential.

C’mon The Donald knows that without Social Security recipients plying his one-armed bandits, his business goes belly-up in a heartbeat. Pure self-interest is what that’s about.


“People have been paying in for years. They’re gonna cut Social Security. They’re gonna cut Medicare. They’re gonna cut Medicaid,” he said. “I’m the one saying that’s saying I’m not gonna do that!”

“I’m gonna make us so rich you don’t have to do those things,” Trump added.

Why do people take this gasbag seriously?

“I’m gonna make us so rich you don’t have to do those things,” Trump added.

…and by “us” I mean me.

If there’s money to be made on a grift, the Donald is there, with that thing he calls his hair, of course.


Trumps simple math:
Borrow all you can get
Spend as much as possible on yourself quickly
Don’t make first payment
Grab all the cash you can get your hands on and hide it overseas
File Bankruptcy.
Same ole donald looking for a go at the countries wealth

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It’s all fun and games until you try and touch one of The Donalds income streams. With all those bankruptcies, he needs every dollar of SS he’s bringing in, not to mention his sweet Medicare health insurance rate.

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Don’t get too irate about it, otherwise they might mise up before the election and stop alienating their constituenties.

Hate. Theys loves the hate.

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