Discussion: Trump Is Giving Dems The Edge In Even Their Tightest Senate Races

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I live in Ohio and just about every other TV ad is pro-Portman/anti-Strickland. The money difference is obvious.


And the ads started a year ago


“It is important for Democrats to run up the score
and not just win the Senate and that looks difficult at this point,” Kondik said.

Pleased to see this sentiment at the article’s end.
(Considering the writer.)

And also as this was the first thought I had when reading the headline.
(D)s don’t think of themselves as ruthless.
But we need to muster all the ruth we can.
In terms of being able to enact as much of HRC’s agenda in the first 2yrs as possible.

If I’m correct? She’ll be ready-to-roll out policy almost immediately.
She can work with most of the infrastructure BHO has in place.
We (D)s simply have to give her the Senate majority to do so.
(As if I need remind everyone of the SCOTUS appointment?)

When I mentioned ‘ruthless’ above? It can mean any number of actions.
Volunteering time or donating money.
Assisting individuals in acquiring ID in those places where required.
Driving individuals to-and-from polling places.
Ruthless can mean ‘efficient’.

Such an opportunity. Seems a lifetime in coming.



Close our eyes and think of the Notorious RBG


Whoever is paying for the ads must think so.

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Re Portman union endorsements:

International Union of Operating Engineers, United Mineworkers, Teamsters and Fraternal Order of Police have not been voting for Democrats for decades. I would doubt if the majority of the membership have voted for a D dogcatcher.

They are already mostly registered Republicans. This is not a big shift in Ohio politics.


Perhaps not, but they do tend to vote on the basis of name recognition. Especially those who don’t base their votes on policy positions.


Reading this article it sounds like Democrats are settling for just enough. That isn’t the formula for a successful Clinton presidency.


This is unfortunate. $60K doesn’t go very far, especially after Citizens United. I had not donated to Strickland but I rectified that oversight. (Act Blue, BTW)


Maybe, but when the top of the ticket is far ahead voters for the other side also tend to rationalize reasons why going to the polls isn’t as important as say, grocery shopping. While omnipotence isn’t my strong suit, I’d rather be where we are right now than where “they” are.


I’m a bit of a Cassandra about the Senate races, but I reckon it’s still early in the game. Infuriating that Rubio, the most idle and self-seeking senator in the country, currently has a lead.


I’m okay with a 50:50 tie in the Senate, since VP Kaine has the tiebreaker.

The pressure really needs to be on closing or eliminating the gap in the House.


Democrats have needed to be ruthless in most states for some time. The problem really is that the Party doesn’t seem to want to bring out the knives very often. I’m hoping that new leadership will help that since, let’s face it, Wasserman-Schultz has never done a good job.


I truly don’t believe that the Rube will be re elected. Not just saying that. Not only did he tell the country that he doesn’t want the job, he also burned plenty of bridges with the FL GOP. I chalk FL as a genuine toss up at this point.


All the Ohio political ads I’ve seen on this site have been Portman"s :frowning:


But…but…the article said unions are always in the bag for Dems. So if a union does not endorse a Dem, that means Trump is gonna win. Don’t it mean that?

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Man I’m hoping so. Big land slide that carries a lot of Ds into congress to give the back control of both houses. Then hopefully Hillary won’t hesitate like Obama did when he had control and to go full bore D changes. Bernie voters might even be happy…just kidding…they still probable bitch and moan.

Hit it Paul!


" but the Democrats’ are finding their job a little tougher than first expected."

There are never any apostrophes in plural nouns!!



It’s time to press our advantage not gloat over a perceived edge. Make it happen by volunteering and getting out the vote.

We need to give people permission to do the right thing. That doesn’t happen by just talking to ourselves. Let the voters tell us what they are feeling and they will vote Democratic this time.

Phone and canvass for your favorite state or local Democratic candidate. Speak up in social situations. Just one voice of reason in a casual conversation can spur three or four people to take the leap away from all the GOP candidates in this election. They want to purge the toxic remnants of the Bush/Cheney Era.