Discussion: Trump: ‘I Never Spoke’ To Florida AG About Gift Before She Nixed Trump U Suit

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Almost seems like a media-worthy topic…



I’m thinking this lie falls pretty quickly as additional circumstantial evidence emerges. And the reaction of the MSM? Bupkiss.



Please proceed, Trump.

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“Nothing to see here…” – Dean Baquet

I’ve just known Pam Bondi for years… Never spoke to her about that at all.

Make up your mind. An interesting pattern, here. Trump claims not to have spoken to someone, or even better, not ever to have met the individual. Then there are photos of the two of them together, practically slobbering over each other.

I’m sure Trump is telling the truth. I’m sure he just woke up one morning and said to himself, “Self, I think you should throw some money in Pam Bondi’s direction. She hasn’t asked for it, but I’m sure she’d like it. Yeah, that’s what I’ll do.”


So maybe I haven’t had enough coffee yet, but what difference does it make that Donnie never “spoke” to Bondi?
Is it any better that it was Donnie’s bagman?

The mere optics / timing of the payment would be setting off national fireworks if it had been HRC instead of Donnie.

The FACT is that Donnie directly or indirectly made a payment to an official debating whether to pursue an investigation against him, who decided against it.

It stinks to high heaven while the media tears apart the meaning of “C”.


The fine art of lying. What an amazing quote.

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Unless he got a letter on NFL stationary he doesn’t clutter his great brain with minutia.


This being the think that absolutely drives me crazy. Hillary , trashed and demonized for 25 years plus with no let up


With all the stuff that Derpy Donald has sent down the memory hole over the last few months, don’t you think it’s getting a little full down there?

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He is not claiming he never spoke to her, only that he didn’t tell her something directly. That’s not how the game is played by the pros, and Donald, being an old pro at currying political favor knows to use code.

Here is how the dance might go:

"Hey kid, your good looking and smart–you could really go places. I hear your up for re-election. Elections are awful, expensive too these days. I like you and want to be your friend. But, hey, if you don’t know who your friends are, you might pick the wrong fights. That would be bad. Your reputation could get hurt. But, you know what, I always help my friends. My friends get places. You know why? Because I am a lot of help to them. And, you’re smart, and I know we are going to be really great friends.


Again, the entire story is much deeper (and worse) than this snippet. Sure there’s a “he said, he said” on whether Bondi asked Trump for the donation. But, a) this is not the first instance in which Trump made a donation to an AG in a state that was on the verge of opening an investigation of Trump U – he also donated to Greg Abbot when he was Texas AG, and (as in Florida) the investigation was never opened; and b) to the question why the IRS didn’t notice earlier that a charitable foundation had made an illegal political donation, the answer is because the Foundation’s tax return for that year falsely reported a charitable donation to a Kansas organization with a name strikingly similar to Bondi’s. While Trump claims “honest mistake”, this is the kind of story that would drive the media into a feeding frenzy if the donor’s name was – just pulling one at random here – Clinton.

The Times had this story in March and printed nothing about it. Nada. The IRS, evidently not wanting to invite even more investigations and impeachment charges, fined the Foundation $2,500, for what in lawyerland we call fraud.

So there.


“I never spoke to her. First of all, she’s a fine person beyond reproach,” Trump told reporters traveling on his plane, according to CBS News’ Sopan Deb. “I never even spoke to her about it at all.

And this

You can’t separate speech from – from – from the money that – that facilitates the speech.

A Scalia

  1. This is exactly what Trump (and for that matter, the Sanders campaign earlier this year) is always accusing Clinton of doing. Except he ACTUALLY did it.

  2. Trump bragged about how he did shit like this repeatedly during the GOP primary. Saying he knows politicians are corrupt and take bribes, because he was the one bribing them.


You are lying Donald, I can see your lips move. Of course you knew the connection.

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People in his campaign never spoke to foreign politicians to solicit donations but they were still solicited. Maybe she texted him.

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He didn’t have to speak to her. $25,000 talks loud and clear.


To ad to the excitement lets do it illegally!