Discussion: Trump Goes After 'Bill Clinton, Inc.' Over Latest Wikileaks Revelation

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I’ll type slowly so you can keep up, Donnie…



“If/when we win…” Another news flash, Donald, it’s not going to happen! Keep clapping, and maybe Tinkerbell will come back, but you are never going to sit in the Oval Office. Once again, “denial” is not just a river in Egypt.


“The more emails Wikileaks releases, the more lines between the Clinton Foundation, the secretary of state’s office, and the Clintons’ personal finances, they all get blurred,” Trump said.

Nothing so far has tied Clinton Foundation business to the Secretary of State’s office in any way that would have been normal without the Foundation in the story. But the right and the media keep acting as if there is


Oh no?

Clinton Foundation Accepted Swiss Bank Money After Hillary Negotiated Settlement

I’m sure not going to vote for Bill this time. /snark


All I can say is: PFFFT!

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Why don’t they simply move to Russia instead? I mean sincerely.


During the Ohio rally, Trump called Hillary Clinton “the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the presidency.”

There it is, straight from the horse’s anus-shaped mouth, all the proof we need that Chiselin’ Trump never truly sought to be elected to the presidency.


Trump seems to have forgotten the name of his opponent.


Did you see this bit of rationale?

“You go through any neighborhood and see how many Trump signs there are and how many Hillary signs there are, and I guarantee you it’s not even going to be close,” said Bill Stelling, 44, of Jacksonville, Fla. “The only way they’ve done it is by rigging the election.”

This is how these fucking morons think. And he’s closing the god damn gap again. I…we’re fucked.

I know I’m Mr. Doom and Gloom, but I have zero faith in most of the people in this country to do the right thing–present company excluded. Trump is going to be POTUS. I feel it in every bit of me. This 2 week quiet time is plenty for these hateful assholes to convince themselves that Trump isn’t so bad. He’s. going. to. win.

This country deserves everything that happens to it.

while running his consulting firm Teneo, he pushed his clients to donate to the Clinton Foundation and to contribute to Bill Clinton’s personal income. Band referred to his efforts to secure money for the Foundation and the former president as “Bill Clinton Inc.”

So this supposed corporation is like the Trump foundation.

Who knew?


[Trump] then told the crowd that he plans to “end corruption” in Washington.

And he’s gonna do it with his secret plan of losing the election in a historic landslide and taking as many Washington Republicans down with him as he possibly can.


Some Donald Trump Voters Warn of Revolution if Hillary Clinton Wins

And I say “bring it on”. Talk about a chance to drain the swamp.


Then Trump will go catch a ‘matchbox’ from one of his admirers (in this case Julian) and he will promptly self immolate himself again.

Works for me

As I said, that would have been normal for her to do outside of the Foundation. They donated to it before, and since, and Secretaries of State often work with international businesses operating in and around the United States to settle legal issues with the US government.

That both happened is not evidence of their connection, but evidence that those two things happened. Despite all her e-mails being public, all Podesta’s e-mails being public, the House investigating, Judicial Watch investigating, and the media panting to make this a story not one witness has come forward to say there was any discussion related to a quid pro quo.


Now do Trump

After all, there’s a reason why NY’s AG had to look into the Trump Foundation’s ‘licensing’


Or Obama .He’s been pretty rough on him too.

Here’s a test boys and girls . Where do you put Donald on the Bell curve

IQ Range Classification

50-69 Moron
20-49 Imbecile
below 20 Idiot

Oh they’re out there . I m not making this up
I ran into one knuckle dragging specimen last weekend that opined that a revolution would be required if Hillary won and then asked the assembled why they didn’t run Ted Nugent for President.
“He would have been real good”
If you’re not a little scared you ain’t paying attention