Discussion: Trump Doubles Down on Birtherism

What a miserable, cowardly POS this guy is! Hope his oversized ego is ready for a beating at the polls in November. He should be shunned by polite society. How’s the “pivot” working out for ya, idiot??


“Rising poll numbers,” my eye.


Mr. Trump, thank you for continually speaking the truth on this critical issue. Please make this the main focus of the rest of the remaining campaign season. We absolutely cannot let Obummer be elected again. You must win, we are behind you 88 times, and will support any beer hall rally or Crystal Night event you wish to pursue. Please keep the Aryan bloodline pure.


`In Fiery Interview, Trump Doubles Down on Birtherim’

It’s one thing to double down on birtherism, but to double down on `birtherim’, that’s outrageous.


I said on an another part of the forum that the Trumps dont do good fortune well.

True to form,that 21st c house of Atreus proved me right.

Btw someone needs to get a quote from Rudy again.

After all,he was one of the folks who said Trump had given up on that religion.



"He also struck a defiant tone, trumpeting (sic) his rising poll numbers, attacking CNN’s Anderson Cooper and claiming the Clinton campaign had made up the phrase ‘alt-right.’ When pressed on whether he continues to believe the long-refuted claim that President Barack Obama is not a US citizen and was not born in Hawaii, Trump replied, ‘I’ll answer that question at the right time’.

The most devastating weapon anyone can use against Trump is his own words.

He senses momentum in the polls (i.e. noise within the MOE), and he overplays his little, itty-bitty hand.

Bigshot bully egomaniac just can’t help himself, like a moth to the flame.

“Please proceed, Gauleiter.”


Somebody get out the DSM V… what’s the disorder where you can never, never, never admit you’re wrong even in the face of incontrovertible evidence? Trump is such a sicko.

Reminds me of Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf, “Baghdad Bob.”
Remember him?


All he had to do was say ‘next question’ or flat out repent.

He really thinks hes bulletproof


There are no words to express the contempt I feel for this so-called man.


Is he wrong? (In thinking he’s bulletproof.)


Ooh, are we allowed to ask Mike Pence again now?


Here’s what asking Mike Pence again looks like:


The birther issue has jumped the shark. Trump is now playing the media on this and scoring points as he pivots to things that really matter in the here and now. Even TPM doesn’t seem to get it. The real questions are why is he doing so well and trending positive over HRC, and how has he turned the MSM preoccupation with this type of thing to his advantage?


What is the media half assedly trying to do their job

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Oooh, a rare Josh Marshall post that allows comments!

On whether this doubles down on birtherism, I’d like a little more context, please. Surely Costa had a follow-up question when Trump dodged with "I’ll answer that question at the right time. I just don’t want to answer it yet.” In any case, Trump left the question open, which guarantees that reporters will be asking him again tomorrow.

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If you could harness the energy of Edward R. Murrow spinning in his grave, we could eliminate the use of fossil fuels.


Why doesn’t Mr BigShot just say yes, I do still believe Obama was not born in the US.
He won’t because deep down he’s a coward.
He’s never been shy of running his mouth over anything else. Just this. He doesn’t want to talk about it because he’s scared his moderate supporters will waiver in their support of him. So he’s playing coy but don’t be fooled - he’s still a birther

And Conway, Gu911iani and Kingston are all liars when they claim Trump now believes Obama was born here. But of course press won’t challenge any of them because they don’t want to be accused of being in the tank for Hillary.

I can’t wait for this circus to leave town. Nov 8 can’t come fast enough. Hopefully the barker and his sideshow will leave for good


Let’s find out

Again the statement /subject that was in play before 9/11 was the deplorable statement.

It was on all the channels and to mangle a Dick Clark quote,it had a nice beat that one could dance to.

Clinton got sick and all of a sudden,the heat is off of that.

Truthfully,that’s on the media and its on Clinton now (that bulletproof part).

She will do her part,but if the media continues to play a game with his statements, whos to say.

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