Discussion: Top House Republican: GOP Can't Sue Obama, Then Ask Him To Act On Border

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Jeebus on a Triscuit. Many of us pointed this out days ago.


No shit, Sherlock.

The GOP old guard only appeals to reason when they’re trying to rein in the Tea Party from acting against GOP interests.


“We’ll continue to give him additional resources next year. …”

Oh yeah! We believe that.

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Well DUH!!!


I’m sure I disagree with this guy on just about any point of policy, but I will give him credit for recognizing that the idea of a working federal government is not anathema. Not the first time he’s come out in support of the idea of Congress actually passing workable laws.


look bud…you can’t unring that bell. Boehner said what he said indicating the whole lawsuit thing is pure political bunk for the GOP base.


The butthurt is mighty strong in the GOP.


Has he walked this back yet?


The truth is Obama already has the authority to summarily return all adults, family units, criminals and gang members as they are
not covered by the 2008 law, not refugees, not victims of
trafficking and not entitled to asylum. The UACs are allowed
lawyers and hearings. But once again, the propaganda, the
complicity of the MSM, and the stupidity of the GOP are allowing
the Machiavellian stunt of Obama/Jarrett to succeed. For those
who want real immigration reform, Obama’s open borders with
EBT cards is NOT the way to achieve it. But as some of us
know, he wants a fight not a solution. He has announced to
the world that the doors are open and the laws will not be
enforced. This will not end well. Dumping illegals across the
country in secrecy is justifiably inciting maximum opposition.
The American people deserve better.

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Obama is obeying the law that the kids are entitled to immigration hearings. He needs funding to do that expeditiously, and the Republicans won’t give it to him.


Ah, but you just did.


Oh dear, you sound upset. Meanwhile, back here in reality…


The Brown!!! The brown are everywhere, like Chickenman or Captain America! The brown in the White house is letting more browns in. Make it stop. Less brown means MORE white.

The GOP wakes from the feverish dream of the brown invasion and may be found curled in a corner sucking their thumb covered with their blankie.


“you can’t say on the one hand that the President’s overreaching by acting without legislative authority and direction, and then refuse to give him legislative authority and direction in another area,”

  • Rep. Cole (R-OK)

But that statement doesn’t get it anywhere near right.

One relevant formulation of the dilemma could be,
‘WE can’t say on the one hand that the President’s overreaching by acting without legislative authority and direction, and then INVITE him TO EXERCISE A CLEARLY FAR GREATER DEGREE OF EXECUTIVE INITIATIVE THAT EVEN MORE CLEARLY IMPINGES ON legislative authority and direction in another area’.

Supposedly, Cole is a ‘straight shooter’ and ‘realist’ in the Republican Caucus - at least, that’s his pose. It’s a way to gain broader power by seeming to stand out from the crowd as some kind of non-partisan ‘adult’ authority figure.

But that assumes the ‘crowd’ is bipartisanly crazy. In fact, it’s distinctly characterized by the majority side being paralyzed by most of its members spending most of their precious resources in time and effort (beyond fund-raising) in pro-actively pandering to or otherwise embracing racial bigotry, jingoism, denialism, religious bullshit, inhumanity, sexism, illogic, nihilism, homophobia, gunism, gold-buggery and willful ignorance.

Instead of making a discernible effort to accurately capture this problem, what Cole does is fire a shot in the air, as if everyone involved is acting childish and not just his own side, then attempt to restate the actual nature of the dilemma into something that can’t be attacked by partisans of any stripe by virtue of it being utterly opaque.

Among the reasons it’s opaque and so unassailable by partisans is that it’s WRONG. Since it goes straight to the heart of Cole’s job, what he does every day, and Cole’s ‘adult pose’, the act he presents in Washington D.C., it has to be regarded as deliberate fraud.


So does this mean the Boner crew has the votes today they did not have yesterday or is this smoke blowing up House Speaker Cruz’s ass?


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#Obummer Pro Tip # 83,427,655: Using a phrase like “the Machiavellian stunt of Obama/Jarrett” gives away your agenda, to wit: your bias slip is showing, WAY too much, for gawd’s sake cover yourself.

Besides baselessly and needlessly standing for the proposition that it’s not Obama who’s responsible for Obama’s ‘willful tyranny’, but one of his advisor/minders as puppet master, thereby kinda wrecking that entire ‘willful tyrant’ thing you’re going for, it betrays a basic misunderstanding of what ‘Machiavellian’ means, since Machiavelli wrote his opus from the perspective of advisor to/agent of/manipulator for his master, The Prince.

Corollary: You don’t seem very good at this ‘online troll’ thing. It could be that, while it’s certainly arguable that you’re correct in concluding that one side has the intellectual capacity of a wet sock, you’ve unfortunately mixed up which side that is.


You have a very over-active fantasy life.

See if someone can introduce you to reality.
It’s clear from your comment history that you two have never met.


Yeah, but that light bulb moment is a little over the heads of your dumb base.

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