Discussion: Top GOP Recruit John James Deleted Hundreds Of Past Campaign Videos

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Anyone else get the strong scent of “another asshole just in it for the money” wafting at them while reading the article?

ETA: Call me racist if you want, but I’m going to use the fucking word…HUSTLER.


That’s what that stink was. Here I was blaming the dog.


If he is caught flashing a white-power sign, I’m moving to Mars.


“It’s never too early to delete your past.”
— Toadglans von Hamberdlar, motivational speaker


Yeah…don’t EVER judge me by what I said or did…judge me by what I’m telling you NOW…


No, I wouldn’t buy a used car from this fuck.


In other dumb politician and voter news, Donal’s fvcking over his strongest supporters


I live in northern Michigan- Trump country. I was blown away by the number of white farmers standing in line to vote for James. It doesn’t mean they’re not racists, they are. But because they are all fundamentalist Christians, their misogyny outweighed the racism. The org charts looks like this: white man, Uncle Tom black man, anybody but a woman.


“But a few of his more hardline comments could be used in the future, including his harsh criticism of the ‘monstrosity’ of Obamacare and vociferous praise for President Trump in a state the president barely won in 2016.”

Keep talking, dumbass.


Gary Peters trounced Terri Lynn Land in 2014, beating her 54.6% to 41.3%. I haven’t heard any negatives about him, and he’s been working on reelection for a long time, sending out emails on policy and the current effed-up situation in DC. Dems came out in big numbers in 2018.

If anything, there will be even more of us in 2020. If Stabenow can beat James, Peters shouldn’t have any trouble doing so.

ETA, a guy who lives nearby had a James sign in his yard in late summer of 2018. I didn’t even know who he was and had to look him up. We don’t get too many republican ads in this county. :grin: Suddenly, around September, the sign disappeared. I wondered if the guy found out he was black. I doubt he voted for Stabenow, but no other show of support for someone else ever appeared.


Michigan can’t be taken for granted just because it had a blue wave last year. I’m kinda worried because Senator Peters seems to have a quite low favorability rating compared to his colleagues.

“His biggest supporters are his biggest victims.”

Feature, not a bug. They victimize the shit out of those people on purpose, while mercilessly training and indoctrinating them to blame liberals, non-Christians and brown people for their ever-worsening situation…and voila: consistent, reliable and motivated voting base who views half the country as mortal enemies who need to be subjugated and will therefore support ANYTHING…NOTHING OFF LIMITS…done to achieve that goal.


Only problem is, we still don’t have any…

"We need new market-based, fair, and patient-centered solutions that will not infringe upon religious liberties and will makes sure that we have the best solutions for everyday people,”


Here’s a Detroit news article. He’s a freshman senator and it’s not uncommon for one to be relatively unknown. And with this Senate?! He needs to go out to those rural areas and introduce himself. That’s what Gretchen Whitmer did for a couple of years before running. She’s doing as well as she can with a republican-controlled legislature. If we ever get rid of the gerrymandering, I expect it will be full speed ahead.

ETA article!


You know, during the 8 years of GWB I watched my Single Parent and Child Health Insurance Premiums balloon and become almost half of my income. You would change companies and the next year, same total.

The Republicans never had a plan. Their plan was to let the Health Insurance Cartel shake down the entire country until the next Democratic president had to do something about it. Then they spent the whole fucking process obstructing it, larding it down with insurance company favorable amendments. The scumbag Max Baucus cooperated with them fully. The Freedumb Caucus never formulated a plan, nor did anyone in the GOP Senate Majority. Nor has a single person in the Trump Admin Cabinet. They don’t have a fucking plan. Look at the last 18 years. Not a single fucking plank of a plan. The Market was leaving us in the predatory embrace of an extortion racket Insurance Cartel.


I’m crawling towards my umpteenth soda fix, but I’m somewhat sure that I can find more ‘Don’ James ‘moments’.

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You’re absolutely right! They’ve even convinced a very sizeable chunk of this country into believing that since life is so harsh on their religious and nationalist beliefs that this nation’s traditional democratic institutions are obviously working against them. Enter T rumpp. He’s a criminal, promising to MAGA. The laws that govern this nation should be destroyed because they enable liberals to ruin everything. Breaking the law has become expected, and a requisite for any loyal T rumpp Republican. Rewarded with votes. And cash. And the end of America.


it is all out there somewhere. Somebody will find it.