Discussion: Top Backer Of Biden 2016: Email Story Will Kill Hillary's Chances By '1,000 Cuts'

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Harpootlian has repeatedly voiced support that Biden should run for president in 2016.

Well golly gosh, I can’t imagine why he’d say that about Hillary.


Which is the bigger farce right now? Pointless outrage over emails or pointless hoping the high court will rule to keep healthcare?



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No, the email story won’t kill Clinton’s chances by itself, but the real story is how poorly Team Hillary is handling it. It doesn’t bode well for the campaign.




I assume he meant 1,000 paper-cuts, but who really gives a shit. Sounds like he’s a bit of a loon to start out with…


I guess Hillary backers actually believe that the Republicans won’t mention the emails during the campaign? And that it won’t hurt her anyway…

Another unforced error on Hillary’s part. How many more will she make before there is a “plan B” for the Democrats?

She scares me more every day. Maybe plan B is nominate hillary so Cruz becomes president?

So far, the Reps will have lots to work with. They can harp about Bill’s escapades while president. Not fair? So what…since when would not being fair stop the Reps? Then there is the comment she made about being “broke”…that is almost Romney-esque in its total obliviousness to how the middle class lives. The Reps will delight to bring that up. Won’t be fair…but Reps aren’t fair, they want to win. And of course Benghazi…won’t be fair or accurate…but that won’t stop the Reps, never has, never will. And, just when Hillary gets her defense up against Benghazi, the Reps point out about the possible security breaches caused by her not having a more secure email account, not to mention the lack of transparency.

Hillary is a Republican’s dream opponent. They can brand her a gawd-awful liberal. Not fair, because she isn’t even that liberal. But to me she is the Democratic nightmare…too conservative to do anything meaningful a liberal would like, but the perception is that she is too liberal…meaning she will continue to try to prove to everyone she isn’t too liberal.

I hate to say this, but maybe Biden is more electable.


“canoodling about fashion”???

I’m gonna give the geezer the benefit of the doubt and say he’s a dinosaur, rather than the sexist prick that this sentence makes him look like.


Tomasky has totally destroyed the hints that the NYT has dropped so heavily that there may be something illegal, felonious or otherwise with her emails. There is nothing there. It is a big Nothing Burger.

In 2012, Harpoolitan also compared Haley to Adolf Hitler's wife.

The gentleman seems to have a problem with powerful women, so by all means, let’s take his comments very very seriously.


You’re way more generous than I. He sounds like a sexist prick.


Maybe he is sexist. But it is easier to do a personal attack on the messenger than to logically refute what he has to say.

But if all we have here is a name calling contest…let the fun begin!

You can come up with more imaginative names to call him.

That doesn’t make Hillary’s problems any smaller…but it will be fun!


Racist KKK shxt head makes a speech. He says: The sun will come up in the East. And Summer will be warmer than

To which the Village Idiot says: What he says can’t be true! He’s a bigot!!!

If you’re going to take the comments of someone who equated Nikki Haley with Adolf Hilter’s wife seriously? Fine.

I’m not.

I don’t think the e-mail issues are a nothingburger, as many seem to, nor do I think it means the end of her campaign.

Either way, I’m not giving much credence to Harpootlian’s comments.

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Just proves they do put bad chit in the water in South Carolina.

I really don’t think it is material whether Harpootlian is sexist or not.

what he says in this particular instance is that Hillary’s campaign may be hurt by this email stupidity.

I really don’t think Cruz would make a good president.

He would make Harpootlian sound like a saint.

But hillary’s nomination may elect Cruz

And I hate to break it to you…when the campaign gets going, it won’t be Harpootlian we will be worried about!

It’s not pointless. I worked for the Feds (back in the Pleistocene Era), and as a gummint’ employee, I wouldn’t even have considered trying to pull a stunt like this. I find it very, very disturbing. In fact, it always galled me that the top-level politicial appointees seemed to get away with stuff that we were warned about doing, with dire consequences for misbehavior.

Which part of “public servant” did she not get?

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If Hillary is the Republican’s “dream” opponent, who is their nightmare?


I think we need to find that candidate. It certainly is not Hillary!

Quite frankly, not so long ago I thought Hillary would be a good candidate and would probably win easily.

I am starting to doubt my original opinion.

If I were a Republican, I would see several lines of attack against her that would be very damaging. Maybe not fatal, but maybe so also. Damn the facts…run straight ahead with the idea that she is a liberal, elitist, wife of a womanizer who said she was broke when whe was a millionairre, was sec of state when Benghazi happened, is out of touch with the middle class, doesn’t believe in transparency, piles up millions of bucks in speaking fees, and now the possible security breaches of these emails. Heck, they could run Romney against her and people would be talking about HER as the one out of touch with the 98%!!!

Maybe we as Democrats should seriously think about someone else who could actually win?

Biden…people laugh about him…but he is a good man and his foot in mouth stuff could actually turn into a positive…you get what you see with him. His heart is in the right place. Where is Hillary’s heart? Does anyone know?

Warren? I saw clips of her debates…lousy debater. Electable in the general? I wish it were so, because she would make a fine president. But electable?

Hillary needs to step up to the plate. She lost last time because she campaigned on nothing…inevitability is what they called nothing then…And is history to repeat itself?

Seriously…we need to explore alternatives. This will not be Hillary’s last self inflicted wound. I wish it would be but I don’t believe in the Tooth Fairy either…

That’s what I thought you’d say. Your concern is noted.