Discussion: Tlaib Says Trump Impeachment 'Not About' 2020 Elections: 'Public's Trust Is At Stake'

tRump will be impressed with what she has to say. I guess the Dems want to spread the heat around to others so Pelosi isn’t the only target.


“Look, this is not about the 2020 elections,” Tlaib told “Meet the Press” host Chuck Todd.

it is about 2020, but that’s more so his fault, then it is House Dems.

“It’s about doing what’s right now for our country.”


This is going to be a precedent that we set when we don’t hold this President accountable to the rule of law and to the United States Constitution,” she continued. “The public’s trust is at stake.”

Though I somewhat agree with this, unless its understood that senators who will likely acquit this man, also need to be held responsible, then that’s a huge problem.

There shouldn’t be any ‘well if the Speaker had done this sooner.’ statements, because it should be crystal clear (even to the wannabe Dominique Wilkins cultists) that impeachment without conviction means that the voters have to make the ‘moderate’, modern day Republicans pay for their Trump loyalty.


We can pass all the wonderful legislation in the world -from infrastructure to healthcare reform -but that wouldn’t change the fact something is rotten in the state of Denmark.

At some point, Impeachment needs to happen to lay down a marker that Trump’s criminality, corruption, and violation of the Constitution is unacceptable. This must be done, again, at some point, to protect the public interest and future of our Republic. We can’t allow this behavior to stand as a precedent for future Presidents. And if the Senate (Republicans) chooses not to convict, let them bear the responsibility of their actions for eternity.


It’s the classic Democratic Circular Firing Squad.

Every person commenting should be bringing up McTurtle by name at every point, note that it’s his blockade which is standing in the way of meaningful progress.


Tlaib argued that she and other lawmakers can’t pass important legislation when Trump “continues to lie to the American people.”

If the media could use the sameamount of time and energy they’ve spent (and will continue to spend) on chasing Pelosi around and pressing her for the impeachment issue to question Turtle about his sabotage of House bills, I’m sure things would be better.
Trunp’s GOP’s symptom! Hold them all accountable!


… Trump “continues to lie to the American people.”

Hell, he even lies about watching TV.


When Trump says that the sun rose this morning, I go outside to check.


Though you said it better than me, I’ve been saying something similar for nearly two years.


I’d like for the American press to ask John Thune if he shares Jon Voight’s enthusiasm.


It’s one of my much longer-term annoyances with the Dems, the ability to snatch defeat from victory and fracture and split themselves, rather than focusing on the enemy and what the best way to advance goals overall is.

The Right is much more disciplined at that.


It’s not about the 2020 Election?!? Everything is about the 2020 Election. What is wrong with you, Congressperson?

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We’ve passed 100 bills that will never see the light of day. So was it a waste of time? Of course, not. It’s part of the American political process that parties pass legislation that they fully expect to fail in order to highlight for the voters their priorities and to leverage that to frame the next election.

A successful impeachment that ends in a Senate acquittal is functionally no different. You’re pinning Trump’s criminality on the GOP and making them own it. Your party’s base will support you for doing the right thing. They’ll fight for you, contribute, volunteer and crawl through broken glass to vote because they’ll know the Democratic Party is the last line of defense protecting this Republic from turning into a fascist state. In Game of Thrones terms, the Democratic Party is the force that guards the realms of free men/women. Dems have to live up to that destiny, to that calling.

Start the formal impeachment inquiry. Get the show on the road.


It’s about both because if we don’t take the white house in 2020, the outcome of impeachment won’t matter, the 2020 election is do or die time, literally for a lot of people (specifically anyone who is non-white or male) in this country. That said, it’s about timing and thoroughness. Everybody knows what the Senate result will be, so it comes down to having the House’s articles of impeachment be thorough, well established, and leaving no doubt in the minds of the people as the go in to the 2020 election.


Standing ovation to Congresswoman Tlaib -this is how it is done. It is about the violation of the oath of office and the Constitution. It is not about the 2020 election per se. This is about the future of our country.


I haven’t seen us make the case in irrefutable terms, yet. Or, should I say, simple terms.
And, how this is affecting the lives of ordinary citizens. That would include members of my own family, sadly.

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Let me go out on a limb and suggest they are one-in-the-same.



That’s a stout limb - I think you’re safe. hahahaha


If ever an election mattered. . . which is why it’s so scary.

Tliab totally gets it. If the Democrats in the House don’t impeach, then they are simply playing politics with their Constitutional responsibilities, just like they accuse the Republicans in the Senate of doing.

But apparently Mitch McConnell rules their world. And all Pelosi offers are thoughts and prayers.