Discussion: The Voter Purge Crusade That Preceded Trump's Sketchy Elections Commission


“Vote for the candidate of my choice, or don’t vote at all.”


It won’t be anything new. In 2014 I voted in Atlantic Beach Florida. The poling station was in the City hall. I received my ballot by a man that asked to see photo ID so I gave it to him. He gave me the ballot after using a yellow highlite marker on “Democrat” which for some reason was on the ballot. I tried for near a year to find out what that was about and no local, state or federal office gave a damn. Like any Democrat with half a brain in this state I checked my voter status a few months before the 2016 election. I was told I was not a registered voter. I asked why and was given the usual crap …“we must have sent a letter to you and you did not answer”. I asked the guy if there was a reason for removing me from the rolls associated with my name in his database. He said no.

Atlantic Beach is a small community ( my side of it…the other is Mayport Naval base which is huge ) and I own a prominent business right on the city’s main drag, less than a mile from city hall. I am a thorn in governments side, the current GOP’er troll of a mayor Mr. Reeves will testify to that, so the likelihood they thought I’d left town is zero. The nature of my work requires frequent government inspection as well. They knew I was there. My Biz licenses and professional license are all active and at that addy. They knew I was here.

In Florida you have a right to know why you were removed from the voter rolls. If they sent a latter they must provide you with a copy of it. My mail is received by my reception staff and office manager. No way a letter slid by. And so far they cannot find any letter. Without it there is no legal way they could have cut me from the rolls. ( the letter method is caging and illegal in many states ) They are “still working on it”. So, any system a state puts in place can be used to target democratic voters and there’s little that can be done about it. Provisional ballots are never counted. They boot you and then bury the reasons in admistrivia and delay. I was able to get back on the rolls in time to vote. But many I’m sure found out on election day and were given provisional ballots. Their votes did not count.

Again the same old game. Get your foot in the door, then walk in and turn the place into a mess. Then sort it out to your liking.


Excellent reporting. Thank you, Tierney Sneed.


A trial just finished in Broward County, Florida, in a case that voting rights advocates worry will boost conservatives’ abilities to pressure jurisdictions across the country to purge their rolls,

Anyplace but Florida for a trial of this importance.


Half of Republicans supported canceling the 2020 election. It would be interesting to see how many of them support the “elections commission.” Even better, I wish someone would do a poll asking if you support simply banning minorities from voting. I bet the results would be very revealing when it comes to the views of GOP voters.


Are they planning to arrest people like me on trumped-up charges (boy, howdy, that phrase is newly meaningful) when I start registering new voters?

I’m speculating that is somewhere in their peabrains.

Bring em’ on. I’ve been there and done that before, for lesser reasons.


These are the kinds of shenanigans from which we cannot be distracted.


Republicans are an Evil People who must be DESTROYED!


While Trump diverts everyone’s attention to his Nazi remarks, his minions are quietly doing away with our elections just as Putin has instructed him.


Voter registraion is becoming much too complicated, and new voters are no longer the onlyissue… the new chore is recertifying EXISTING voters who have been purged, or just making certain they have NOT been mysteriously and surreptitiously purged…

Will THIS kind of voter registration even be legal now?


Canadian style hand count, right along with the electronics and hanging chads, it can be done ANYWHERE, and must be done EVERYWHERE or they really may have destroyed our democracy forever.


One forgets how dangerous it was for those working to pass and then implement the Voter’s Right Act. With the Koch Brothers’ Nazi president now in charge, it’s going to be even worse.

The Roberts Supreme Court conservative majority may have declared that we now live in a Post Racial America, but it’s pretty obvious after this weekend that John Roberts is a better liar than even Trump.


After watching the Vice documentary and reading this article, a deadly White Nationalist cancer is growing in this country and if we do not cut it out, our nation is about to be consumed.
Hurry up Robert Mueller, hurry up…


Trump’s concept of voter fraud:
Anyone with a surname ending in “-ez” shall be considered ineligible to vote unless proven otherwise.


This voter purge issue is huge and maybe part of a bigger plan.
I don’t know much about the early years of Hitler’s rise to power back in the 1930’s, but it may be that d.t. and his nationalist west wing team are plotting the same path. If the two Generals, currently on his staff were to resign, then t.p. (who now admits he is a racist) would fill those positions with additional far-right men.
I’m thinking about what Bill Maher said recently.
“He wants to be a dictator, and it may be hard to get him removed from office”

I hope someone at TPM reads this and does a little research…


With each passing day, one can only conclude that there would be no difference between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump.


FYI you cannot register to vote at your business address. That is probably why you were removed from the register. I have worked at election offices and seen officials look up registration addresses and cancel them if they were business addresses. This is a common fraud used by people who want to vote in a district other than where they live.

tl;dr: you were committing voter fraud.

Can anyone tell me how a Presidential commission designed to lesson participation in the democratic process will result in a stronger democracy?

Can anyone explain to me how the government-sponsored preclusion of the right to vote will strengthen our rights as American citizens?

Can anyone explain to me how the exercise of our Constitutional rights can be considered a crime?

The right to vote was deliberately left as a matter for states to govern. How can a Federally appointed Commission legally have superior jurisdiction over all 50 States individual voting laws?

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This group is made up of voter suppression all-stars from all across the country - this should be a top storyall across the media but I only seem to be hearing about it on TPM and a few other left leaning web sites and podcasts. I guarantee you this - low information voters in my circle (includes most of my extended family and a lot of my acquaintances) seem to have never actually heard about it until I bring it up. The kind of undermining, bribery and fixing that can be done in broad daylight in this country never fails to astound me.


Sounds to me like this group is actively pursuing voter intimidation (be it individual voters or those that manage voter registration rolls) which is illegal. Another group of GOPers that needs to be locked up.