Discussion: Tea Partiers On Turnout In Runoff Election

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Why do conservatives hate democracy?


“Uncle Toms for Thad”

Outreach. It’s what’s for dinner.


That is some magnificent voter outreach.


The worst thing you can do as a black person isn’t voting for a Republican, it’s getting in front of a mostly-white audience and reassuring them that their prejudices are valid. That’s nigh unforgivable.


I love all the exploding heads. It’s just so cool to see the extremism exposed. They’re not even bothering to try and hide it anymore.

Gerrymandering Congressional districts is all they have left.


I hope all the McDaniels voters stay home in November to nurse their butthurt.


I’m liking this Cochran guy more and more . . .


First of all, nicely written article Mr. Strauss. Focus on the details, to the point. Plenty of news sites could take a lesson.

At some point it seems to me we’re talking a coalition government. I have been very surprised this isn’t gamed out more in the press, as the GOP is really dealing with two different personalities.

And Rand Paul continues to be a solid question mark, talking so wrong on so many things and then throwing out the exact right position on others. I’ve always had a level of respect for his father and I’m developing it for him as well. I can’t imagine ever agreeing with the man on policy or voting for him for president, but anyone who sticks to their positions and doesn’t coddle their carefully selected voter base gets a fair hearing from me regardless of their viewpoint.



Shouldn’t that pissed off looking child be wearing a brown shirt?


That Cochran is a sly old dog. He out foxed the tea party when he realized that it isn’t illegal for blacks to vote. Democracy is a concept way beyond the tea party.


They just can’t help themselves.


Back during the long dark years decades of the Reagan alignment when liberals were perennially in the minority, I don’t recall any of them persistently calling for a contraction of the franchise. Oh, many were gleeful when Perot stole votes from Bush I and Dole, but none of them were calling the continued ability of white conservatives to vote prima facie evidence of fraud.


Sweet Lord Jesus I need to invest in popcorn futures for 2016.


I’ll tell ya. It’s because democracy and democrats aren’t racist enough for them. Democrats and democracy by definition includes “them” … the Other" whom the Teahadists and the GOP are so very afraid of. It’s why some in the fringe insist on open carry of assault rifles in restaurants,. It’s the driving force in gerrymandering. The Other is a bogyman who is after their wives and daughters. Their jobs. Some among the “other” speak Spanish and that makes them potential terrorists because they’re “them ferrigners who’er ruining 'Merica”


Be honest? You have always liked him because he’s democrat lite.

McDaniel’s lament: But I and Rush and the Tea Party have been having so much fun being rude about blacks all across America! Who knew that they could vote?!?


Tea party politicos view election results with the same skewed logic and nonsensical reasoning that they regard judicial decisions on federal and state policies:
Said outcomes are valid only when THEIR candidates are elected and THEIR policy positions are upheld.

And I seem to recall Rush Limbaugh encouraging Republicans to participate in open Democratic primary elections a few years ago in order to impact the outcome, and tea partiers expressed their adulation for the arrogant ass for making the suggestion on the air.

Of course, there is as yet no actual demographic data from the election outcome demonstrating that Democratic voters – be they black, white, or purple – made the difference in the outcome, the racist rants of bombastic, bellicose blowhards such as Limbaugh and Palin notwithstanding.

Intent from the Cochran camp and tea party speculation does not constitute evidence that this is what put Cochran over the top, as the outcome could also have been due to the votes (non-tea sipping) Republicans who didn’t bother to vote the first time.


The real crime is what he’s teaching that darling little towheaded son.

Horrid man.


Yet more proof that Republicans hate Freedom - especially for anyone except themselves.