Discussion: Study: American Presidents Are Guided By Wealthy Elites

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I am shocked, shocked I tell you to learn that rich people have more access to the President than I do.


The pair conclude the paper brainstorming ways to overcome this cycle, from factionalizing elites and creating more intra-elite competition, to promoting stronger public forums…

Or, we could just stop defining corporations as people and money as speech.

(Crazy talk; I know.)


I also expect this study to be on Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me this weekend


But a new study claims to confirm that assumption with hard data while seeking to spur a conversation over the flagging health of American democracy.

WOW!!! That’s prime science right there!!!

Can we have a study with hard data to remove any doubt that water is really wet now?


And all along we thought the voices in Ronald Reagan’s head were just old movie scripts, Nancy, and the WH astrologer. Who knew?


It’s time for us Democrats to take a serious look at ourselves. Big money owns us just as much as it owns Republicans. Why else would Obama have bailed out the big banks and not the rest of us? Why Larry Summers as his first economic advisor? Why didn’t he include price controls on pharmaceuticals when he did health care reform? Why no public option and no consideration of single payer? Why these endless wars in foreign countries? Why else would he - of all things - choose to make the TPP his final legacy?


He scared the crap out of me while he was in office. He was a good reader of 3 x 5 cards, a stooge of the rich.
imagine, for crying out loud, letting your dippy wife’s astrology reading influence your decisions!


Imagine letting James Watt, Al Haig, Richard Laffer et al. influence your decisions. That makes Nancy’s astrology look like a rational basis for policy.


“Ya Dance with who brung ya.”
The Campaign Finance situation DEMANDS a compliant and supplicant President (and Congress) to the Big Donors.
What is truly scarey is how CHEAP it is to outright purchase the State Legislatures. For less than $1000 they will faithfully do your bidding. Just look at Wisconsin as an example.
As Samuel Clemons observed: “We have the best Congress money can buy”.
The only solution is the same one that just about every other Western Democracy has adopted: Publicly Financed Elections.
Unfortunately, that will never happen as the Oligarchs are now firmly in control.


To avoid a depression.

So health care had a chance of getting through congress.

I think Bush started most of these. Obama’s drone approach is effective, and minimizes civilian deaths. There are people out there who want to cut your head off with a pocket knife.

[quote=“Valentinus, post:7, topic:22165, full:true”]Why else would he - of all things - choose to make the TPP his final legacy?

Not sure about TPP. We still are in recovery, so perhaps to avoid economic downfall? Not sure. My guess is to keep the economy healthy so other Democrats can get elected.


This is one of the reasons our Democracy is in dire straights with every major US city nearing the tipping point. The rich rule the US like never before.

Reagan + Bush + Clinton + Bush + Obama = more and more wealth concentration and cuts to any and all Domestic programs.

Now Jeb Bush is saying we need to raise the retirement age for social security - that serves the rich who are the only one’s that live past 80! Jeb will throw the bottom 90% under the bus as expected…what we didn’t expect was Obama has been doing it as well!

Obama sucks as bad as Bush!


Especially since the astrologer seems to have convinced Reagan to soften his stance toward the Soviet Union, I’d count her as one of his most sane advisors.

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In other breaking news - Earth revolves around Sun, not the other way around.

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"…the Oligarchs are now firmly in control. "

Yep, it’s depressing as hell. I don’t know how many years my wife and I have left – we’re great grandparents – but seeing us in a 2nd Gilded Age is frightening.
The party continues after we’re gone and there’s little we can do to change things for our descendants.
Wish there were.

Many people know whats happening and don’t need this study in addition to confirm their perceptions. What we do need however is a science on how to blow the shit up.

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Captain Renault’s wisdom on what’s shocking has endured.

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Watt, Laffer, Haig – Jesus, I forgot! I’ll scourge myself.

Obama’s bailout helped only the super rich (the one’s who created the mess in the first place.) Ordinary Americans weren’t helped at all. It was a jobless recovery.

Obama didn’t get a single Republican vote.

Obama’s drones have killed hundreds of innocent people. Every drone attack creates a hundred new terrorists. In addition to his foolishness in Libya, Yemen, Syria, the Ukraine etc., Obama now is moving towards war with Russia and China. It’s all about the greed of the super-wealthy supporters who back him

On the TPP Obama has aligned himself with the Republicans and is fighting against his own party.

Obama is no worse than most other Democrats. I voted for him twice. It’s just a dirty rotten shame that our party is owned and controlled by oligarchs. What can we do about it?


Yes. But he had to hold all Senate Dems and most House Dems together to get health care though Congress. Public option and price controls would have guaranteed that he wouldn’t.

I’m getting tired of you anti-Obama folk “conveniently” forgetting history.

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