Discussion: Student Filmed Confronting Native American Man Claims He’s Victim Of ‘Lies’

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Who is jeering and mocking the man with the drum? Do they look like they are respectfully trying to help? Most people don’t feel fear when others are trying to help them. This is what you get from the Red Hats. Lies. That is what you do anytime you need to, lie. So what if it’s totally implausible, just lie.


Sorry, I still don’t but the little bastard’s “press release”. Something stinks at his Christomadrassa…


MAGA hats. Sure… they are just nice kids.

We have all seen that look. Entitled self-centered asshole prick.


“BREAKING: Real American Confronted by Teenage Descendants of Violent Migrant Caravans.”


Who’re you going to believe, the Veteran Native American elder, or the privileged HS kid in the MAGA hat standing unmoving way inside anyone’s comfort zone smirking and maintaining constant eye contact for several minutes?

Nathan Phillips, the Native American who tried to calm a confrontation, has asked who is bringing these boys up that they are OK with behaving this way? Ms. Sandmann, mother of the smirker, says the confrontation was the fault of the “Black Muslims” who were also in the crowd. Actually they’re “Black Israelites,” so her faulty identification is very telling. That group of five was more than obnoxious (see the video on Josh’s editor’s blog), but that doesn’t excuse the boys’ subsequent behavior-laughing, jeering, hopping, chopping, taunting, sneering. Mom gives us a pretty vital clue as to who is bringing these boys up and why they behave as they do.

Let’s give some props to Covington Catholic High School. Their students’ persuasive letter writing skills are way above average, although that doesn’t make their claims true. My takeaway is that Covington Catholic High School is incubating a whole class, or even school, of Brett Kavanaughs - entitled brats who believe their whims and wants trump all others, and any behavior they care to exhibit is their god given right. May we guess that alcohol/substance consumption and sexual predation is the primo leisure time activity among these boys? I don’t doubt it for a minute. Even for the excellent writing skills I wouldn’t have a kid of mine anywhere near Covington Catholic High School. They may teach religion, but they sure don’t practice it.


He says his smirking was smiling to let the man with the drum know he meant no harm. You dont’ have a voice? You can’t tell him that? What a bunch of crap.


One of the better FB comments I saw today -

If the students felt threatened or harassed by another group, then the only appropriate response would have been to walk away without saying or chanting anything.

As for the interaction with the Native American man, here’s some perspective. Imagine that this had been a group of black students wearing Black Lives Matter hats, and that they had stared down while appearing to partially surround an elderly white man. How would the narrative be different? How many would let the students off the hook or actually believe they were trying to “defuse the situation”?

Schools should require anti-racism training. White students and teachers need to be more self aware and better understand the dynamics of privilege and perception.

Another -

This all started with a field trip to legislate grown woman’s bodies.


I’d like to call BS. He had to come up with some excuse. I watched quite a bit of the long video and the whole monument looked and particularly sounded like Crazy Town.

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That entitled smug smirky prick Sandmann confirms – though no confirmation was needed – that he is an entitled smug smirky prick. And of course a “victim”. Aww, poor privileged parasitic baby. Those Covington Catholic assholes represent a virulent and disgusting class in America. Make MAGA-Mom and MAGA-Dad even more proud!



I’m guessing “turn the other cheek” isn’t part of their religion class curriculum.


They were there to increase the number of dead women in this country. You expect them to be respectful to anyone else?


So, in other words, your white guilt means that white people who are “morally inferior” to the indians are obligated to leave when their moral superiors, the indians, move into their space and sonically assault them.


I guess when you have a racist notion that white kids are evil and old indian guys are good, the matter is obvious. Most fair people do not form preconceptions. They look at evidence. The evidence suggests that you have a problem with white guilt and prejudice against white kids. That’s racist.

And the reason that the kid was “inside the comfort zone” was because that crazy indian dude moved there. In other words, in a basketball analogy, it was a charging foul on the Indian guy, not a blocking foul on the white kid. In fact, in the NPR interview this morning, the Indian guy admitted exactly that - he was the moving piece. When someone moves into your space to create an incident, fair observers blame the person moving in - the Indian guy.

Please do not feed the troll.


Oh, that press release was written by https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scott_Jennings. He’s a long time Republican ally of Mitch McConnell who often writes nasty little screeds in the Courier Journal editorial board.


Both that kid and his family’s futures would be vastly improved by just 15 minutes’ vigorous application of a belt. Probably won’t happen, so 5 years from now we’ll likely hear of him again.


Folks, we may be looking at a future Supreme Court justice here! This young man is just like Brett Kavanaugh!

Seriously, as a product of a male-only catholic prep school myself, I’m a little embarrassed.

What I’d like to see from Covington Catholic is a little reflection on how they could have failed their mission so abjectly as to have created this specimen and his ilk.


These Covington High School kids remind of those who haze college frat classmates and commit sexual assault without guilt or repercussions.


Here’s a story about another one of the fine graduates of that institution…https://www.inquisitr.com/5207025/son-of-bengals-tackle-joe-walter-arrested-for-rape-and-sodomy-in-kentucky/