Discussion: Stone Leaves Open Question Of Cooperating With Mueller


Bait and switch?


"It’s true that we spoke on the phone, but those communications are political in nature, they’re benign, and there is certainly no conspiracy with Russia.”

Nothing political is benign when talking about conversations with the WH occupant.


I doubt if Mueller will be willing to make a deal with someone who engaged in the kind of witness intimidation Stone is guilty of. Its one thing to lie – its another to threaten others to compel them to lie.


Roger Stone will never tell the truth. He will not become a “rat.” He will continue to try to set the example that, in politics, you can do whatever you want, deny it, lie about it, vaguely claim credit for it if it makes you look tough but won’t get you in trouble, but never suffer accountability for it.

He was Manafort’s partner and has a similar world view. I’m sure he looks down on Cohen.


He’s speaking to Trump here, angling for a Pardon.

Unless backed by thorough documentation, his testimony is worthless, and even Trump’s incompetent attorneys could shred it thoroughly. Mueller will let the texts and e-mails that he’s collected do the talking.


If I was forced to choose between spending a day with Roger Stone or death, I’d gladly choose death.
What a suck-up piece of shit he is!


“That’s a question I’ll have to determine after my attorneys have some discussion”

The questions being how much evidence does Mueller have against him, how long is the potential prison term, and what kind of plea deal can they negotiate.

“… I would certainly testify honestly.”

The obvious question being is that even within his skill set.


Death really gets a bad rap. Has some pretty good jokes, usually willing to pick up the tab ( within limits).


Trump is already distancing himself from Stone.
Trump’s run you over bus may go the way of his Airline.
Stone is no virgin when it comes to fucking over people.


Having been back and forth with Wikileaks etc., Stone might be able to give them some form of corroboration or probable cause to get various records of communications by others that the Mueller team only has information on through the intelligence services. As I understand it that’s a key process in this case, taking sensitive intelligence stuff and converting it to evidence they can use in court without compromising the sources of the original information.


The Dallas News pretty much just threw down the impeachment gauntlet this morning. Said Stone was the smocking gun and Trump is guilty guilty guilty.


The telling snippet is “bear false witness”…

Stone will throw Don Jr under the bus to try and save his ass…


I think he’s just developing his persona here. He’ll need a persona to carry him through the ordeal ahead and I wouldn’t read anything into what that persona says.


You’re talking about the Dallas that’s in Texas, right? I assume so but I’m just checking. :smile:


Funny thing…when you’ve acted like a buffoon your whole life, you have no credibility to exchange for a lighter sentence when the shit gets real. Good riddance.


He’s dangling a lot there in that short clip. He’s saying that he’s not going to commit perjury, so if he is asked a question by a prosecutor, he will take his counsel’s advice and not lie (he’s not going to pull a Manafort). If presented with evidence he won’t lie about it. He also dangled the many conversations with Trump. By referencing that, he is confirming facts that aren’t even in the indictment, that he spoke directly with Individual-1 on a regular basis. Natasha Bertrand and others have written about how Stone regularly spoke with Trump during the campaign. If you read the indictment, you would think that Stone only operated with other people below Trump’s level. The truth is he had a direct line to Trump. Having said that, Roger is so unreliable, that unless he has audiotapes of those conversations or voice mails, he will would not be regarded as a solid witness. It is also possible that Stone never discussed anything specific relating to matters covered under the indictment, as Trump might have been savvy enough to use intermediaries for those purposes.

This indictment was written in a way to prevent a pardon from scuttling it. It would be extremely tough for Trump to pardon Roger Stone and not be immediately thought guilty. Based on what Nancy Pelosi said on Friday, Trump would be immediately subject to an impeachment review if he did such a thing. Roger’s only hope here is to persuade the special counsel that he has verifiable evidence to give that would nail Kushner, Trump Junior, Bannon, and Trump Sr. Roger could also add value by implicating the other lesser known figures in the campaign, like Brad Parscale.


I can’t believe you wrote that.


Y’all just cannot get ahold of the fact that Dallas Co. is blue. Yes it’s in Texas.

Where apparently 58,000 illegals voted but they had to have voted for Trump since he carried the state so it beats me what they are bitching about. hahahahaha


I’ve never said he was a dumb crook. I do think he is crook smart and everything else dumb, but his recklessness has created openings to prosecute him and his team for fairly standard violations of law, while he tries to protect the big secret and the big lie from coming out.