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…But also as an incredibly well-deserved insult.


I say ignorant, you say incredibly uninformed…tomAto, tomAHto, let’s call the whole thing off.


The sad part is that the harder the GOP tries to repudiate ISIS, the more they come to behave like them.

Trump isn’t up to beheading Muslims, but he is completely up for indiscriminate warfare massacring civilians by the thousand.


And I believe Iowans should renounce this clown but not holding my breath.


I did not used to believe in the idea of hell and everlasting torment.

Now I do. Very much.


Well, Steve, Talmudic Law, Biblical law, Catholic law, Orthodox law are all also inconsistent with the laws of the the United States, aren’t they? In fact, any set of religious laws would be inconsistent. Shall we have everyone who professes to be religious to proclaim the supremacy of US law, which is an amalgam of constitutional principles and interpretations, statutory law and English Common Law and renounce their religious laws?

Well, we already do that, don’t we, when we take an oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States or recite the pledge of Allegiance (the 1950s-era insertion of “under God” notwithstanding).

So, rest assured, Stevie, your islamic colleagues in the House have already sworn to uphold the constitution just as you have. They have no more need to renounce Sharia Law than you do to renounce the laws of the Catholic Church.


“I wouldn’t be willing to adopt that specific policy, but I am willing to debate the merits of it, and I think we should.”

And then he whispered in his quiet room, “But if we debated the merits of it, I’d likely be swayed to vote for it.”

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And it wouldn’t take much to sway the fool.

A ten spot surreptitiously tucked into his shorts would get him to bend over for anything. That’s just the way he rolls.


These people are no good


Christian dogma is incompatible with the United States Constitution and so if they want to demonstrate that they are open to being Americanized, the first thing they should do is renounce Christian dogma.

Unless and until that happens, I do not consider them Americanized.

Two can play this fucking game, you racist religio-fascist prick.


Evidently I missed the thing where Ed Harris played Steve King in a movie. Or are they brothers? Duh Duh Duuuuuuh

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Trump’s fascism isn’t an outlier; it is the mean of the GOP (and yes, I meant “mean” in both contexts).


Some of these yahoos, I suspect, are just flimflam artists who don’t really believe the bullshit they spout; they just say shit to get elected and make money and have power. Not Steve King, though. He’s as mind-numbingly stupid and mean as he appears.


Biblical law calls for the death penalty for relatively minor (and anachronistic) violations of Abrahamaic cultural practices. It also defines women as chattel property and lays out lots of rules governing slavery – including more than a few admonitions to slaves to obey their masters in all things.

I’d say that’s pretty f*cking incompatible with the United States Constitution, never mind modern civilization. So how’s about if fundamentalist Christians renounce Biblical law first, hmm? After all, there are way, way more of people like you, Rep. King, than there are Muslims living in America or serving in elected office. And unlike them, YOU seem perfectly willing to try to force your religiously-motivated laws on everybody else.


Sniffit! Amerka is a CHRISTIAN nation! How can you even SAY that!?!?!?!?!1!!1! It’s like saying Apple Pie wasn’t invented in Amerka by Steve Jobs and French Fries aren’t French!

What? They’re not? Well that’s what I heared on Twitter and Facebook!

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Has Congressmen King (a Catholic) opined on canon law, lately? I’m pretty sure a legal system founded on divinely inspired papal monarchy is not compatible with the US Constitution either, after all.


Wow, even King is getting in on the act. Is it dingbat Wednesday already?

No, just the decline and fall the Kristian Konservatism Kollective.

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