Discussion: Sheriff: Oregon Militiamen To Face Charges For Taking Over Federal Building

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Seems to me that the sheriff has stood up to them pretty well, and when the dispute is on federal land, the feds have jurisdiction, not the local folks.


“The bureau has assured me that those at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge will at some point face charges,”

Will an army of militarized local law enforcement officers with riot gear, tanks, and war zone-type weapons go in and get them…oh wait that’s for unarmed, non-Caucasian protesters, who have the audacity to express themselves.

People of Color all across the nation are watching this unfold, and adding another chapter to the book of “look at this bullshit here.”


I suggest carpet-bombing just to loosen them up a bit and then send in the Chicago cops. That should do it.


Well it won’t be all that long. What do the military vets here in TPM have to say?

In a week they’ll stink. Their necks, back and crotch will itch and their armpits will burn. Their cloths will accumulate body oils and lose their thermal value. Their mouths will taste like stale garlic and have a gritty feel. They won’t be able to sleep well. They’ll get horribly constipated. Then their feet will lose sensitivity and the skin on them will peel off in sheets. They’ll get painful lesions between their toes and fear removing their fetid socks since the skin comes off with them. They’ll be heartbroken…lost and ask themselves what’s the point.

What do you say combat vets? Remember all that? Well these guys can just walk away. No bodies to carry and no waiting for an extraction. There’s a shower and a burger waiting right down the road. A real bed even if its in a jail.

I give them no more than 2 weeks if the Feds play this right.


Holding a “checkers” event without the proper permits ? —
Reprimands for improper bed making ? —
Campfire pits not to code ? —
Use of non biodegradable soaps ? —

not really appropriate I suppose but I just got home from the hospital last night and your description sounds just like me…

do I get the property deed when the cowboy wannabes get tired of ‘bringing an unjust government’ to its knees?


spitting ‘cowboy coke’ on the sidewalk… not tipping their hats to the ladies…

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Yeah, snow can glow in the dark.

This sheriff’s a Red. Just look at the color of his beard.

I’m expecting that, after the next snow fall, these guys are going to be in rough shape. I mean, serious Donner Party situation is brewing there. The Feds aren’t bothering because no one wants to freeze their toes off and these guys didn’t bring enough food, water, or fuel and apparently didn’t bring cold weather gear with them.

These guys are idiots.


In a week or so, drop in a bag of trail mix and these Winded Warriors will charge it and act like the Donner Party staring at someone who just developed a nasty cough.
Even “Blue Tarp Man” will shout ‘Wolverine’ and make a mad dash for it.

The commentary concerning these folks grows ever more…how shall I say…unkind: From a commentator who once supported them: [Oh God. The more we learn about them the less people take them as seriously as they want to be taken. These aren’t freedom fighters. These are cousin-fucking goobers that got tired of getting kicked out the brand new, and only, Walmart in town because the stuck up manager said they needed to wear shoes.]

ManO’Man…brutal! rotflmao


Felonies ?

Hope they all lose the ability to own guns.



for some reason, i’m thinking this image will do more damage than any interview:

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Damn straight sheriff, why won’t they be charged?

To buy and own guns…that’s going to hurt.

One clever fellow in the Twitterverse’ suggested sending in a lot of bacon with instructions on how to prepare it “alaCruz”…and that should help thin em’ out.
Not a bad idea! Hmmm…


(credit to Keystone Progress)


MSNBC’s man on the ground in Oregon stood about 15 feet away from the tarpbilly, and he and O’Donnell discussed the “crisis” in an oh-so-serious tone. The tarpbilly peered out a few times, the reporter went over and spoke to him, and I saw what amusing ourselves to death really looks like…