Discussion: Sen. Graham Promises To Be A Check On Trump On Russia, Immigration

You know what would be a REAL check on Trump? Supporting Chuck Schumer – a pretty moderate Dem – for Senate Majority Leader.

Come on, Senate Never Trumpers! Be honorable and caucus with the Dems.


Miss Lindsay will be a check on Trump?



“President Obama has done a damn good job at being the transition guy,” Graham said. “I just cannot thank him enough for behaving the way he has.”

President’s approval today per Gallup 57% approve-40% disapprove (higher than Reagan’s)


Whatever Graham. You’re gonna be held accountable for those statements

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So many promises, so little gravitas.


He added he believed Trump was “evolving”.

Someday he might even attain bipedalism or a prefrontal cortex.


I don’t think that is a stretch. I also think there will be more than one GOPer who will.


Less than a week from election victory and we’ve got some walking back by Trump on his cornerstone policy positions (because they weren’t even remotely realistic to begin with) and leaders in his own party telling the press they’ll do their best in keeping him in check from irrationally starting a nuclear holocaust.

Wonderful work America.


He also has tiny opposable thumbs.


And yet Obama is getting skewered by the press for being too nice and “normalizing Trump”. Obama is a decent man and it is not his style to get down in the dirt. His approval ratings prove he is well liked, and even loved (by folks like me). If the democrats blame him, its because they don’t want to admit they failed him when he was President by staying home in 2010 and 2012.


especially since Trump has a business background and lives in a world where “the other side has to get something.”

And that’s how you know somebody’s hearing aid ran out of batteries about a year and a half ago…


but will never attain a rotating first lady. Big hardy har har.

@thx1138 The ACLU has said they’ll be stalking trumpet, and at the first of moving toward something unconstitutional, they’ll act. Lindsey as quickly? Don’t count on it. BTW the ACLU raised a record breaking $7.2 million in the hours after the election, and they’ll be on him.


“President Obama has done a damn good job at being the transition guy,” Graham said. “I just cannot thank him enough for behaving the way he has.”

He’s been a damn fine president, too. And he would have been even better had he received half of the respect and consideration he deserved from the Republicans in Congress.


Unless Graham has decided that he is not going to run for re-election, then he, and the rest of the GOP, will roll over and give Trump whatever he wants, including dumping the filibuster for all appointments and legislation. Because they don’t want to be primaried from the alt-right. Full Stop


Yeah, that’s most likely.
It would be nice if there actually were principled Repugs who would thwart what is going to happen…but I have no doubt they are willing to go along for just about anything to achieve their long-desired agendas.

Ryan has been seen weeping great tears of joy and thanksgiving in front of St. Ayn’s shrine in his office.
I hope the people hurt by Amerikan selfishness get to haunt their dreams and harass their afterlife.


Lindsey Graham’s grasp exceeds his reach…


So how many Republican senators can really be counted on to stand up against anti-democratic policies and stand up to Trump? Graham? Flake? McCain? Collins? Sasse? Portman? Heller? It is not very many, but they may be key, particularly if the filibuster gets quashed.


Mz. Graham sez: Why…Ah do deh-CLAIR, Donnie…you ah gonnah give me tha VAIpahs! Hush now! Hush now chile!

Sent them my donation today and also re-upped with the SPLC

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