Discussion: Secret Service Says Guns Will Not Be Allowed At GOP Convention

Yeah...the crossfire at that convention would be something to behold.


Recreate Altamont, bring in the Hell's Angels. That worked out well.


But...but...more guns means more safety, doesn't it?


So Chaffetz' lying chart would be less of a lie if the red line was Obama's approval rating and the lavender line Congress... Except the Congress line started way below Obama's in 2009.



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Perhaps the rule should be that guns are the only allowed clothing choice. Then we would know exactly what all the candidates and delegates are packing.


"Only authorized law enforcement personnel" may carry firearms while inside the Quicken Loans Arena, Hoback said in the statement."
Now watch some idiot Sheriff like Arpaio "Deputize" their entire state convention contingent so they can demand to "open carry".


I'm frankly disappointed in gop.
Here gop had an opportunity to send a message to America about our Constitutional rights and open carry and they backed down. How will real change be effected if leadership is such a bunch of wimps?
I say: tell the Secret Service to go home; change the Cleveland venue unless Quicken Loan Center changes its mind and PROMOTES open carry; raffle an M16 between each major address; and, make Wayne Lapierre the convention's honorary grand marshal.
Lead by example and cut the phony rhetoric!


Secret Service Says Guns Will Not Be Allowed At GOP Convention
"Only authorized law enforcement personnel" may carry firearms
while inside the Quicken Loans Draw Arena, Hoback said in the statement.

Maybe not inside-- but those convention goers
out on the streets of Cleveland-- will be armed to the teeth.




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"Damn right!" says the Redstater. "We ain't gonna let that namely pamby Obama's Sercret Service tell us what to do!"


Donald Trump also deflected. He told ABC’s “This Week” that he needs to “study the fine print,” but said he’s “a very, very strong person for (the) Second Amendment."

And he has a ***


number of Verys to give!!


This is the absolute highest among outrages. If I want to accidentally or on purpose shoot myself or someone else in public among the most unstable of drunk American convention goers, the 2nd Amendment says I have the right (not merely privilege) to do this.

Where does the border wall of someone else's right to life end and my right to scale and blow past that wall begin? This is a fundamental question that threatens all Americans' gun rights.


I am tempted to think that mangled grammar is intentional. Instead of saying he is strongly in favor of X, he constantly says he is a strong person for X"

His narcissism and self-aggrandizement is permeated into the very way he speaks. He is maniacal in inserting how "strong" he is into anything and everything.

Not sure if it is word-slight of hand, or simply pathological.

I vacillate on which.


I didn't know the republican party aspired to being a bunch of sitting ducks!


And if your candidates doesn't win at the ballot box... bullet box for the win! :wink:

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Could be his vocabulary is limited to "horrible" "very", "very very", "bad people", "very bad people" and "very very bad horrible people" "believe me"

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They just don't want people to be safe.


Sorry. I am reminded of the scene from Animal House where the devil is on the shoulder telling the frat kid (Otter?) to "Fuck her" which of course would have been rape because she was not only incapacitated but also only 14. If these jerks are so enamored of a perverse view of the Second Amendment, who are we to get in the way of them combining alcoholic beverage with gun possession among a whole lot of angry delegates getting into drunken brawls. Part of me likes the idea of watching the fights and shootings. Maybe a convention will break out.


Don't forget to check everybody's religious affiliation. Wouldn't want any Mormons getting in.

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