Discussion: Secret Service Says Guns Will Not Be Allowed At GOP Convention

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But... all those good guys with guns... what could they possibly be afraid of???


And here I was hoping to see Clint Eastwood actually shoot a chair this time around.

They could have opened up on one another after the first ballot and sorted out the "good guy/bad guy" thingy later on.

Such a shame!


That change.org petition was a truly masterful piece of trolling.


give 'em a choice...

you can carry a gun but there will be NO alcohol allowed at all...


you can have alcohol but no guns...


Haha...I can't help thinking the place would've sounded like a fucking Jiffy Pop by the 3rd round of voting if it ends up contested.


What a wasted opportunity for some herd self-thinning!


What about grenades? Are those going to be OK if they leave the launcher at home?

Still hoping for some culling of the shallow end of the gene pool.


what about swimming pools?


all those poor widdle gunz home alone..

so sads :sob:



Oh? Oh yeah? Nevermind......


What!!!? A "gun-free zone"!!? Don't you know what that means?!!


As enjoyable as I find this rhetorically, I'm glad they will not have guns there. If something bad happened, it would be terrible. If nothing bad happened, it would strengthen their case.

No guns btw, in SCOTUS, Congress, Senate, or NRA headquarters.


Off topic but this is so delicious I had to post it.

Rising tide lifts Obama, but not Republican Congress
03/28/16 01:00 PM

By Steve Benen

Over the weekend, President Obama’s approval rating in Gallup’s tracking poll reached 53%, which is the strongest support he’s seen in three years. As it turns out, this is no outlier – Obama’s approval rating has reached three-year highs in the latest Bloomberg Politics and CNN polls, too.

There are plenty of explanations for the upswing making the rounds, but the circumstances got me thinking about whether there’s a rising tide. Perhaps Americans are just feeling a little better, in general, about low unemployment, low gas prices, the growing number of Americans who finally have access to affordable medical care, and the lack of perilous drama in D.C. lately (no shutdowns or debt-ceiling hostage crises).

If the public’s mood is improving, maybe it’s not just Obama’s approval rating on the rise? Perhaps Congress is looking less awful as well? Unfortunately for the Republican majority, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

The CNN poll is helpful on this front. It shows Obama’s approval rating inching higher to 51%, but it also shows Congress’ approval rating dropping six points to just 15%. To drive home the point, I put together the above chart.

It’s a safe bet these aren’t the kind of results Republicans are looking for right now. GOP leaders on Capitol Hill, in control of both the House and Senate, continue to make the case that Obama is a dreadful leader and a failed president who should follow Congress’ lead on issues that matter. Evidently, that message isn’t resonating with the public.

As for the larger context, circling back to our previous coverage, I’m not unsympathetic to the argument that Obama’s approval rating is irrelevant, since he obviously can’t seek another term. This might have some effect on historians’ perspective when the president’s legacy is being debated, but it’s understandable that much of the political world would be far more interested in the latest poll results out of Ohio and Florida.

But don’t be too quick to dismiss the significance of Obama’s support. He won’t literally be on the ballot, but there’s little doubt the president’s standing will have a real impact on the public’s appetite – or lack thereof – for radical change in 2017 and beyond.

The L.A. Times recently noted, “Obama’s approval rating now is almost identical to that of President Ronald Reagan in his final year in office – the last time the incumbent’s party won a third election in a row.”


Cruz: This is tyranny in Obama's Amerika. We are all gun loving, peaceful people and sometimes even cook our food on it as well.

The Secret Service announced it would not allow firearms at the Republican National Convention in July, in response to a petition that garnered tens of thousands of signatures, The Hill reported Monday.

Damn commies!


And therein puts to lie the entire ammosexual faith-based arguments about open carry, and gun-free zones.


Nearly to a person every single body drawing a breath at that convention wants the poor to suffer. For women to remain pregnant against their own choice. For half our GDP to be spent on weapons of mass destruction. For children to be taught Jesus rode a dinosaur and man has nothing to do with changing the climate. They all want us to be suspicious of ANYONE that isn't a Christian. They hate public school teachers. And scientists. They're the small-minded, hateful people largely responsible for our broken state and Federal governments and our fraying social contracts. Frankly if they all wanted to form a circular firing squad I fail to see the downside.


I'm not convinced that Change.org petition is fully legit. I got an email thanking me for signing the petition - I hadn't.


Easy solution for the 2nd Amdt lovers seeking the GOP nomination: request that their Secret Service protection be dropped during the convention -- there's no legal requirement for them to have it, only that it's there if requested -- and instead place your security in the hands of all those good guys with guns you'll have gathered at the Quicken Loans Arena.