Discussion: Schiff Makes Good On Threat, Subpoenas Mueller Report, Underlying Intel

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Excellent. Keep up the pressure. Don’t bow down.


Unless Democrats play hardball, nothing will happen. They have to start putting people in Jail. That is the only way this will work. They shouldn’t worry about the consequences. If they dont do this, it will only get worse.



Personally I prefer the suspension of salary and hitting them with $100K/day fines route if they don’t follow the law. Ding them in the wallets if you can.


Looking forward to hearing, “Today we have no choice but to start impeachment”. I know it’s got to be building towards that.


Unlike Slow-Walking Jerry Nadler, Adam Schiff’s committee authorized and issued the subpoenas on the same day and demanded compliance in 7 days.

Slow-Walking Jerry took more than 2 weeks to to issue a subpoena after his committee authorized it, and then asked for compliance in 13 days.



It is clear, subpoenas are the only way. No one can argue that Democrats didn’t make a good faith effort to get the information they needed and were stopped by Republicans. Now the narrative has changed. Good move.


Every comment to the media, every day, regarding the efforts to break through the stonewalling about the Mueller report, tax returns, the oranges of policy initiatives, etc. should include, “What is the president trying to hide?”

ETA: Every comment at hearings and meetings, too. Make it a mantra. Some talented musician should make it a song. Get everybody thinking it and saying it.


its Trumps DOJ now. A coup has occurred as Trump says only its a republican coup. what the American people intend to do instead of tweeting. is up in the air


we’ll soon be finding out if our supreme court comes down on the side of the constitution and the rule of law, or if they’ve fully transformed into the fascistgop’s much desired supremely corrupt court and come down on the side of a political crime cult’s vision of authoritarian rule by the minority.


All that will go to court and suspended by wing nut judges. Trumpters are scared of going to jail and the optics it represents. It has more impact IMO.


It’s well past time for playing nice with the trump crowd.


I think we already know the answer to that.

still, it’s best we get them on record with their corruption and perversion and not allow them even a semblance of legitimacy in the eyes of the sentient.

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The Never Trumper Rick Wilson’s advice is to not go after Trump directly but to “grind” his enablers and minions “into the dust” with investigations, subpoenas, and contempt citations. Most of them do not want to be in continuous legal battle. It is costly both in time and personal money. It is not as visible but keeps pressure on. I like the strategy.


Yet Judiciary committee has not just issued subpoenas, it already voted for contempt. So it does not really matter who is more aggressive, you’ll find fault anyway. But we already knew this.


Could and should have been done many weeks ago. Every additional day that Trump is in office is one more day of danger to our national security.

This is what slow-walking looks like:

March 23: Mueller Report Issued

March 25: Nadler writes letter requesting report by April 2

March 29: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

March 29: Nadler says April 2 still stands

April 2: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

April 3: The House Judiciary Committee votes to authorize subpoena for report

April 3: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

April 18: Nadler issues subpoena for report to be delivered May 1

May 1: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report and misses subpoena deadline

May 3: Nadler sends a “counter-offer” letter with May 6 deadline

May 6: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report

May 6: House Judiciary Committee schedules vote to hold Barr in contempt on May 8

May 6: Barr refuses to release un-redacted report DOJ Invites Nadler To “Negotiation”

May 8: Trump and Barr declare Report covered by Executive Privilege

May 8: House Judiciary votes to hold Attorney General Barr in contempt

Yet it was all done before subpoena by the intelligence committee. But you call it slow walking while praising the intelligence committee’a swiftness. Consistency is not your strong suit.

Edit: did you misrepresent the date of contempt vote on purpose to support your “slow walking” charge or are you clueless regarding events you are so enraged about? Contempt was voted on yesterday, May 8.

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Let’s just agree that Barr has been taking care of Trump’s obstruction business and working overtime. He loves doing nothing all day!