Discussion: Schiff Hints That Problems For Trump May Come From House Probes If Not Mueller

Keep sweating him. The more upset, the more absurd he becomes.


Good, this is important…people are thinking the Mueller report is the last word on what Trump might have done, but it’s not even close. There are many things out there that Trump and his family and friends have been involved in, and it’s time they get pursued, especially since many of them are endemic to the behavior of the wealthy in our society. If investigating this leads to investigating all of the kinds of structural things Trump took advantage of (like holes in the IRS regulations, cheating on tax forms), then we could end up with a more fair economic system. At the least, we will get to the bottom of what has happened during the Trump administration, all of the lies and corruption, and that will hopefully lead to some good governance laws.

People are so wrapped up in hating Trump that they are losing the big picture, which is the total abuse of our system by the Republican party and the wealthy and corporations in total…Trump is a symptom of all of that, as well as the latent awful behavior on that side of the political aisle. These investigations, if done with an eye towards justice, will really help us to understand the weaknesses of our system and how to lock it down. I hope, at least.


Another example of this is the college admissions scandal that broke yesterday. That one ring is just the tip of the iceberg. This kind of corruption is endemic to the admissions system and we’re finally getting a glimpse of the ugly inner workings that favor the rich and well connected.


Oh, but gee Adam, why are you investigating Trump. Just impeach him! We don’t need evidence, we don’t need to make a case, just do it. Acting on your rage is just so progressive. [Snark].

All I can say is that I am really, really glad that we have adults like Adam Schiff, Nancy Pelosi, and Elijah Cummings in charge. They can put a case together with evidence, hold hearings, read the polls/talk to people, do focus groups to see how much support they need to build, build a coalition to get it done, and then drive the narrative. They are not people whose only skill in life is promising unicorns via tweets.


No, the big picture is not a tag line, its that to win the presidency the Democrats need to win in (a) PA,WI, MI while holding the states they currently hold, or (b) flip a bunch of sunbelt states, FL, GA & AZ while holding the states they won in 2020, and © do it via a message that does not turn off the suburban voters in 2020 in a way that causes them to vote for the republicans as a “check” on the democrats (what happened in 2016) giving Republicans back the house, and allowing them to retain the senate.

That is the big picture. If we spend our time focusing on how bad republicans are, rather than making a case for the change that is needed, change that people will actually support and is realistic, we will lose.


I hear (that is, many people are saying) that ending every TPM comment with a bolded purity-party slogan is also an effective oversight mechanism.


This along with Pelosi’s no impeachment comment make me think that Mueller’s report may be another Fitzmas level dud. If Oliver Stone is the biggest fish caught Trump is going to go on an epic gloat-spree.

Oliver = Roger?

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Don’t forget NC, Obama won it in 2008 and it is slowly turning back to purple.

Ha! Yeah, sorry, coffee hasn’t kicked in.

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Jared Kushner challenged on conflicts of interest by Trump aides, book claims
Revealed: Donald Trump’s son-in-law challenged by Rex Tillerson and Gary Cohn for mixing personal interests with US foreign policy
The confrontations are detailed in Kushner Inc by the journalist Vicky Ward, who also describes interference in foreign relations by Kushner’s wife, Ivanka Trump. The book is scheduled to be released on 19 March. A copy was obtained by the Guardian.


It’s nice that some of the most important people in D.C., those who will have the most impact on saving and protecting the country, democracy, and Constitution, are Democrats. Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Cummings, et.al. have their work cut out for them, but they also know what can be done and what to do.


“Our prominent concern on my committee is was this President, is this President, compromised by a foreign power?”

Given the tissue-thin cover tRump constructs over his illegalities – something he believes is an impregnable shroud – a little digging with subpoenas should be sufficient to expose the Russian gold seam running through his properties.

It’s been clear just from news sources that the only thing that kept the moron afloat after his casino failures, when no reputable banks would touch him, was money from Russia funneled through Deustchebank.

Add to that the kind of exposure to state charges that any kind of serious probing into his businesses will turn up, and this f*cker, his idiot family and any close associates will be answering felony charges for the foreseeable future.


I agree with your sentiment. It may not be what everyone wants on an emotional or visceral level, but the way Congressional leadership is going about things is certainly pragmatic.



“Our prominent concern on my committee is was this President, is this President, compromised by a foreign power?”

This is what impresses me so much with Schiff. He calmly, dispassionately states the shocking facts of this historic moment in a way that’s far more powerful than the most hysterical expression you could make. And he’s in a position to do something about it.


Yes, to go the “progressive route” one would need to win not just AZ, GA, FL, but also N.C. I hate to re-litigate 2016, but Hillary spent more $$$ and more time thinking about expanding the map into these type of places than nailing down WI, MI, and PA. Had she focused laser-like on nailing down what she needed to win, and tailored her message to those states, she would be president. Instead she ran an ‘expand the map’ campaign.

Surely everyone knows that when the Democrats controlled both chambers of Congress, they always did everything in their power to uphold the Constitution: Nixon and Reagan were impeached and convicted for their Watergate and Iran-Contra escapades, respectively. When the Bush-Cheney administration committed one war crime after another after another, again it was the Democratic Speaker and Democratic Senate Majority Leader who used the powers granted them in the Constitution to keep our politics honorable and the country on the right track.

If not for the grit and determination of those worthies, just imagine what dire straits we’d be in today.

Obviously our current leaders have inherited the old spirit and the old traditions. So to those of you who are unwilling and unable to give them the benefit of the doubt now in their moment of doubt, shame on you, I say.


Sorry not enough coffee this morning, I read this as ‘an epic goat-spree.’

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Not sure what part of this is snark, but:

(1) Nixon was in the process of impeachment when he resigned, he was only not charged with crimes because Ford pardoned him. The D’s build their case via hearings, Nixon resigned.
(2) D’s - but also a special prosecutor - investigated Iran-Contra, folks were convicted. I am not aware of any evidence that Reagan personally was involved at the level of impeachable offenses. It did rip apart his administration.
(3) The rhetoric aside, the D’s did not control the house during the first 6 years of Bush-Cheany, nor the senate from 2003-2009.

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