Discussion: Schiff: Amash Isn't Enough To Count As Bipartisan Support For Trump Impeachment

Why not? It’s still one more vote than Obamacare got from Republicans…


He’s right. There are currently no GOP Senators in favor of removing him so impeachment would be a waste of time right now. If anything, it would help both Trump and the GOP in general.

Those who fire too early out of anger invariably lose.



While watergate had bipartisan support, it did not from the get go. Start the televised investigation already. We don’t want to wait for the 2020 election to the appropriate oversight, that’s what we voted for in 2018.


True, but supposing Obamacare had received exactly one Republican vote in the House, would you have called it a bipartisan measure?

Anyhow, I agree with Schiff.


Naw, I agree with him, too. Need more peeled off.


I recommend listening to the entire snippet.

While Schiff does say his -and Pelosi’s -threshold is can Impeachment succeed in the Senate (a ludicrous threshold in my view), he goes on to say this Administration has been so maximally obstructive, that they may get there anyway.

It’s a huge messaging mistake, though, not to scream from the rooftops that there is bipartisan support now for Impeachment to put Republicans on the defensive.


It wouldn’t necessarily help either, but it’d raise a question on whether Dems voters are really serious about getting rid of Gardner, McSally and Collins (among others).


This politically active Democratic household is serious about getting rid of Gardner.


I don’t think it’s about anger. It’s about standing up for the Constitution -that piece of paper that’s served us so well for so long. Moreover, we’re at the point where we have to ask ourselves as individuals and as a Party -what exactly do we stand for and what sort of country do we want to leave for our children? I think it’s that bad and that serious right now.


Yeah I agree. That is the conversation we should be having right now.


Yep and Colorado is no longer my home state, but we will be traveling back just to volunteer to oust Cory.


“Face the Nation” host Margaret Brennan asked Schiff if Amash’s comment fulfilled House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s (D-CA) standard for impeachment requiring support on both sides of the aisle.

What a stupid fucking question. So Pelosi’s standard is what we’re basing impeachment proceedings on? This is how the argument for impeachment is being presented?

“I think that what the Speaker has referred to, and I have as well, is can an impeachment be even potentially successful in the Senate?” Schiff responded. “We see no signs of that yet.”

And FU too Schiff. “We see no signs of that yet.” - and you never will!

Someone had better take charge of the Democratic Party.


It’s pretty simple, I thought.

The party which wants high temperatures, rising seas, dirty air, forced births, planes crashing, unsanitary food.

We’re the other one.


Or as a friend joked, what sort of planet do we want to leave for Keith Richards. /s


Misleading headline. That’s not what he said. There are not enough votes to remove Trump in the Senate. We know that. Everyone knows that. But he said that the administration is acting in a “lawless” fashion and impeachment proceedings may be the only way for the House to go. That is a far cry from “we won’t act”.


It’s a constitutional crisis. Act like it!


Please don’t start pulling this wimpy crap, Adam Schiff. We all thought you were one of the smart ones.

The idea of beginning an impeachment investigation is to bring all of the wrongdoing before the public: hearings, subpoenas, witness testimony. Take the time for a thorough investigation of every aspect of the criminal offenses committed by Trump and his minions, especially obstructing justice, since even an attempt at obstructing justice is criminal.

This is not like those idiots in the GOP who held hearings about Benghazapalooza! and Hitlery’s Satanic Email Server, using conspiracy theories and flop sweat instead of hard evidence and procedural know-how. I can guarantee that none of the witnesses brought before the committees will last 11 hours as Hillary did. They will crack, because they will be outside of their RW Republican FoxNews bubble and will not know how to deal with it.

What the Senate may or may not do with the findings of the House is not relevant. If the House finds irrefutable evidence of criminal activity that warrants impeachment and the Senate refuses to even hold a trial, or holds a trial and every GOP Senator defends a president who has unequivocally been shown to be a criminal, that is for their corrupt asses to worry about. Your only worry about in the House is to do your Constitutionally-mandated job of oversight and hold these people accountable.

And we don’t give a flying fuck if Justin Amash or no Republicans support impeachment of Trump. If evidence of wrongdoing is found, he should be impeached. I do not remember these same standards being applied to someone who was impeached for lying about a blowjob. We are now dealing with a group of people who are wiping their asses with the U.S. Constitution.

Wake the fuck up, Rep. Schiff. Your base, and the rule of law, demands investigations into impeachment.


Rep. Schiff, were you a part of the bi-partisan support for the impeachment of Bill Clinton?