Discussion: Scarborough Explains To Urban League President What Black Voters Want (VIDEO)

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Hey MSNBC, will you finally fire this useless fucking idiot. When I flush my toilet I get better ratings than this fuckhead. Yeah, “Lean Forward”, my Democratic ass.


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Joe explains to millennial women why they owe it to Hillary to vote for her and why women generally don’t really need access to birth control or abortion…

Mika looks on while sucking a lemon…


I prefer Animal News. 'Lean Furward"


Wow. Whitesplaining. Thanks, Joe.



This is a perfect example why I can ‘only’ watch about two minutes of this pompous arrogant asshat named Joe Scarborough! He thinks he knows EVERYTHING and his smugness makes me want to do some very bad things to that giant dome. I watch MSNBC, however, MJ is not the tv programming that start my day.


A little obvious Joe was trying to lead him into a soundbite that could be used by the GOP/Teatrolls later, particularly their favorites of “minorities just vote for whoever will give them handouts” and “blacks are on the Dems’ plantation.”

Edit: Haha…honestly, it would have been a real hoot if the guy called his bluff by putting on the “oh lawdy” accent and sarcastically saying stuff about buying lobster and Courvoisier with EBT cards and Dems being the only ones willing to give black people the reparations they deserve via social assistance programs that allow them to live a life of comfortable leisure paid for by hard working white people who are now, in that sense, the REAL slaves, so “hahahaha we got you back.”


I’m confused by your linking of those things. Is that supposed to imply that HRC won’t be good for millennial women on those issues?

Scarborough’s comments are predicated on hatred of Ms. Clinton and promoting her opponent because he’d be a weaker candidate against the GOP in the fall. Despite what polls suggest, Sanders will be pilloried by the right-wing smear machine in a general election contest. He will be made into a caricature to appear as a confiscatory Communist. That meme will resonate as as a “tax and spend liberal on steroids”.

The other element here is the Bern-splaining to PoC that Sanders is a better advocate for them than President Obama has been. The arrogance and disingenuousness of that proposition is palpable.


Scarborough Explains What Black Voters Want To Head Of Urban League .

And in the next segment, Joe Scarborough explains to a nonplussed Stephen Hawking what the wheelchair-bound Cambridge Physicist needs to think about in order to understand quantum gravity.


“Let me tell you about the Negro…”

Oops. Wrong winger


Wel that is 2 more minutes than I can watch.


expecting him to have said - “what you people need to understand …”


That Lean Forward thing is gone. Got rid of that when they cancelled all the shows. Now more like LEAN RIGHT…Just want Joe Schmoe wanted. He praised station for the moves they made.

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Interesting isn’t it how the fractures in the Progressive facade are coming out now (and I say this as a Bleeding Heart Libertarian) oh, and Scarborough is an ass who needs to be kicked off MSNBC.
On the Republican side, you have Unapologetic, hard-Racism supporting the front-runner: Trump.
On the Democratic side, you have Politically-Correct, soft-Racism supporting the front-runner: Bernie.
Both spend a lot of time telling Minorities what they should be thinking and how they should be voting, and how the White Man they support will pat the Minorities on the head and “make it all better for them” like they are wayward children.
As a black friend of mine says: “I would rather live in Georgia where I know exactly where I stand socially than in the North-East where they smile to your face as they slip the stiletto into your side.”
It’s getting very, very interesting out there in Political-Land.
The Gloves are coming off on all sides.


I still catch a few seconds while the channel is changing…
I just mute the TV, hold my nose and look away.

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Joe, the right-winged white guy, telling black voters what they want. How insulting!

Lean Forward is long gone.

Now it is " Bend Backwards."

alluding to Madeline Albright telling millennial women they have to vote for Hill or there will be a special place in hell for them if they don’t…

sometimes the thought works… sometimes not so much…

the point was that privileged white male trying to explain anything to any group outside his own echo chamber…

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