Discussion: Sanders Campaign Threatens Lawsuit Against DNC For Blocking Data Access

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At least Sanders will get some mainstream media coverage out of this.


If he really wants MSM coverage, he should insult Megan Kelly on his Twitter feed.


“They are not going to sabotage our campaign,” Weaver said.

Seems like they already did that to themselves. To be clear, the guy went to go into lists that were forbidden for him to have access to, downloaded the info. and then saved it. I don’t understand how the Sanders campaign wins that argument.


To much complaining coming out of the Sanders camp.
Their guy does something wrong and then they complain about losing access for a period of time.


Just strengthens my guess that Hillary,pretty early in the debate tomorrow, will make a public plea that the DNC lift the suspension…and the crowd will go wild with applause.

And come Monday morning, the suspension is lifted and the media will go right back to ignoring the Democratic campaign.


Evidence please.


“Mommy and Daddy, please don’t fight. It hurts my ears.”


Bernie needs to come out himself and calm some of this down. Right now, some of his people are just foaming at the mouth and it’s not making their campaign OR their candidate look good. They need to turn down the rhetoric bigtime.


Hey, just because I robbed that bank doesn’t mean they can stop me from going back into the bank!


Considering the Corruption the DNC has already engaged in to promote Hillary during This PRIMARY, this is just further corrupt action.

The DNC knew their tech provider had problems maintaining the firewall. The company owner admitted that this was HIS fault. The Sanders campaign alerted the vendor when the issue was discovered. The person that went into forbidden data, they did nothing special to get access to (meaning they did not access this through some criminal means) was fired.

Hillary could have just as easily retrieved data from Bernie’s campaign and admitted nothing during the breach.

Removing VAN access which derails the entire campaign is OUTRAGEOUS. The DNC is acting against Democracy.

We already have an election that is the Oligarchy Vs The People. They are trying to take away any chance we have of overcoming the enormous power we are up against.

My life long republican father just told me that he is 100% behind Bernie. He said Trump is a ruse for the Rich and they have picked Hillary as their candidate. We are all supposed to line up and vote for her so they can keep pretending we have a democracy.

The Revolution is REAL. You are either standing with Bernie/The People or you are supporting the Oligarchy RULING us Right Now. Wake UP!
Stand With The People.


That actually would be a good move…The first part, not the second part.

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All accounts I have seen so far (all of the items on this site, the Washington Post article) state that no data was downloaded and saved.

To be clear, at present it looks to me that you are making stuff up.


I guess all that Chanukah cheer between Bernie and DWS is now over. I knew it couldn’t last all the way through Xmas and the New Year. Bah Humbug.

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Except that this is nothing like “robbing a bank”.

A far better analogy: a bank customer notices that the ATM is allowing anyone to take out cash by noticing a “take cash out button” on the log in screen. Upon pressing said button he discovers that indeed, a list of cash options come up. He does not take out any cash whatsoever but instead notifies the bank of the security hole. In return the bank freezes all of this accounts.

There - you have a pretty exact analogy of what actually happened (according to all news reports to date).


Good for Bernie. The data needs to be opened up for the Sanders campaign tout de suite. And please may we have a new chair of the DNC? DSW’s obvious partisanship is only the tip of the iceberg of reasons why she needs to go.


Apples and oranges. A better example would be that just because I looked at someone else’s account doesn’t mean I can’t access my own account.

I think DWS has shown a history of being partial to Hillary, she is tone deaf regarding debate scheduling and other matters of importance to many Democrats, and thus anything she does that benefits Hillary is suspect. DWS’s reaction is extreme, especially since the Sanders camp has taken steps to rectify the situation.


No, no, no. You sound like a Bernie apologist. There was no New Info button; Bernie’s staff actively went looking, and they found it. And they took it.


Agreed, that’s probably how it will play out. These Dems – even their scandals are boring.

This is why I said Sanders needs to insult Megan Kelly on Twitter to really get some attention. I hear it works well.

“The DNC has told the Sanders campaign that it will not be allowed access to the data again until it provides an explanation as well as assurances that all Clinton data has been destroyed.”

“Sanders spokesman Michael Briggs said four Sanders campaign staffers accessed Clinton data, and that three of them did so at the direction of their boss, Josh Uretsky, who was the operative fired.”