Discussion: Russian Trolls Promoted Trump While Trashing Black Lives Matter On Twitter


Might even be a Russian troll commenting here now and then. Speaking hypothetically of course. :innocent:


Shocked/not shocked. The Russians have used “disinformation” and propaganda for years. What is shocking is the number of people in this country who pretend otherwise.


Dude! That is totally harsh! Позор тебе!


What is shocking to me is why and how our government just stood there blinking and saying “huh?” while we actually were being infiltrated by an enemy country?

What were our 20+ Security Agencies DOING? How do they justify their paychecks knowing we have a Russian stooge running our country? I’d really like to KNOW.


Do not me of the outing, they will take my borscht…!


Go figure! And the Trumpsters just keep yelling about ‘Freedom of Speech’ whether they are lies, screamed by Americans or have anything to do with the government…gotta love those Russians. They really pegged who is stupid in this country.


What is more shocking is that, in the cold, clear light of this, they STILL continue to stand there and blink.


Indeed – maybe they were too busy hooking up a new antenna for Radio Free Europe.


“Among the account’s favorite targets during the 2016 campaign season were Michelle Obama, undocumented immigrants and antiracist activist movement Black Lives Matter.”

Look at Faux News’ new KKKomment board system. They’re still at it and going strong. The thing is filthy with the Russian trolls.


“I ask him, half jokingly, ‘How much do they pay you…?’ Lots, the troll replied."

Wait a minute…

You mean people actually get paid to post smartassery?

And I’ve been shoveling this crap for free all along??

Why hasn’t our side monetized snark???

(No, I’m OK, thanks. I just have something in my eye, that’s all.)


They need to investigate Richard Spencer and others like him to see if he is being supported by Russia.


Russian trolls were active in MANY discussion sections of MANY web sites during the election, probably including this one. I watched it happen in real time and was commenting on it at the time. I was most aware of it in the comments sections of the Business Insider web site but I saw it all over the place. The posts were always harshly critical of Clinton, endlessly repeating the meme that she was a crook. But they freuquently hcontained somewhat odd and out of place comments supporting Russia or Putin or trashing Obama for his approach to Russia. That was the way to find these guys out. But the overwhelming slant of their posts were to cast Clinton as a crook or liar and to promote Trump as a man “telling it like it is”.


Only today they decided to purge software by the Kaspersky lab, founded and being run by a graduate of the KGB higher school. How is this even possible?


Facebook itself is owned and operated by a genu-wine Oligarch. Prob loves him some Russians. Likes t-rump -or at least his policies of tax breaks for teh Oligarchs!

You could picture Trump Jr. feeding them the lines at his now famous meeting. “Make sure you include the blacks”. Putin " What about the good ones like Paul Robeson who used to like us"
Jr. “No just the bad ones like dad says with nothing left to lose”


And this is likely just the tip of the iceberg. I hope Dir. Mueller is able to draw lines between the Russians, Facebook, Trump & Co., the Mercer KKKlan, and many more and takes them all down hard


Our billions-dollar security agencies were tracking Black Lives Matter folks, student activists, and dark-skinned people in the habit of visiting family abroad. I’m also convinced that they not only failed to understand or monitor the threat of Russian trolls, but, since those agencies are crammed to the gills with white conservative bible-bashers, they actually fucking believed the propaganda and acted on it. You could not make this shit up.


In the Guardian, the Comments sections were absolutely swamped by commenters who ceaselessly promoted Jill Stein and Bernie Sanders, specifically at the expense of Clinton. Familiar memes (‘corporatist’ ‘shill’ ‘bankster’ "TPP’ etc) were deployed to great effect. It became impossible to post a pro-Clinton comment, even after the primary, without attracting a torrent of criticism and mockery. I specifically commented once on the presence of Russian trolls and my comment was removed by the moderator–in part, it may be, because a crowd of bona fide dupes and anti-Clintonites had come to see that site as their own. Basically, the Russians took over the Guardian–which, as far as I’m aware, has never publicly reckoned with this, although I’ve noticed that many fewer articles are now open to comments.


Come on folks, this article is just more journalistic recklessness and hypocrisy in the coverage of Russia, as Mr Greenwald would have us know.