Discussion: Ronna McDaniel Sends Threatening Tweet Warning Those Disloyal To Trump

The Dictatorship of the Deploratariat is getting closer by the minute.


So what’s next from the administration? A Department of Purity?

These people are just lining up like lemmings at a cliff’s edge to be radioactive when this perversion is over.


Are armbands available from the RNC giftshop yet?


Cults are bad, mmmmkay.


Under a decree issued by Reich Minister of the Interior Wilhelm Frick on 13 July 1933 (one day before the ban on all non-Nazi parties), all German public employees were required to use the “Hitler” salute. The decree also required the salute during the singing of the national anthem and the “Horst-Wessel-Lied”. It stipulated that “anyone not wishing to come under suspicion of behaving in a consciously negative fashion will therefore render the Hitler Greeting”. A rider to the decree, added two weeks later, stipulated that if physical disability prevented raising of the right arm, “then it is correct to carry out the Greeting with the left arm”. On 27 September, prison inmates were forbidden to use the salute, as were Jews by 1937.

By the end of 1934, special courts were established to punish those who refused to salute. Offenders, such as Protestant preacher Paul Schneider, faced the possibility of being sent to a concentration camp. Foreigners were not exempt from intimidation if they refused to salute. For example, the Portuguese Consul General was beaten by members of the Sturmabteilung for remaining seated in a car and not saluting a procession in Hamburg. Reactions to inappropriate use were not merely violent but sometimes bizarre. For example, a memo dated 23 July 1934 sent to local police stations stated: “There have been reports of traveling vaudeville performers training their monkeys to give the German Greeting. … see to it that said animals are destroyed.”

Santayana: “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.”


I’m surprised to see such a combination of cynicism and self-destruction. You would’t think they could be so intertwined, but live and learn.


She is a TRUE feckless…whatever. She has no brain of her own and has signed on to all of Trump’s lies, schemes, etc. We had her number when she dropped her NAME because it upset Donnie. In MY family we would have told Trump to sit on my thumb and spin. Do these people actually know what it means to be an American?


I’m getting a vision of Ronna in a beret hugging Trump. In slow motion.

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To any student of history, you are getting a real time lesson on how a democratic country slides into fascism…

Do not ever say that it can’t happen here. It has all but been baked into the cake,…

You could easily raise two Totenkopf divisions from white supremacist militias…

Trump would love his own version of the Nuremburg rallies…


Ein Reich! Ein Volk! Ein Furor!


That image took my appetite away!

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I was shocked by that as well. Family is the ultimate group with a claim to your loyalty. I guess betrayal comes naturally to her. Anyone who’s ever worked in an office has seen the type, but your family’s name, damn, that’s cold.


Typical Trump – he continues to demonstrate his extremely damaged psyche, this time by endorsing candidates based on their loyalty to HIM rather than their qualifications to serve their constituents.

And now the RNC is threatening to politically harm anyone who dares to defy their Supreme Leader.


So she is what—the GOP version of Tokyo Rose, or maybe Madam DeFarge? Those fools who are throwing down with Trump need to look closely at the payback that followed when Vichy France was liberated…


Are there any Republicans left in the Republican Party?


You mean Ronna doesn’t do it for you?

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Register people to vote! We can stop these idiots!

Get to the polls. Don’t get tired. They won’t.


As long as I can get my own version of the Nuremberg trials, I’m OK with that.


Not yet, but they have headbands: