Discussion: Ron Paul Is Giving Away An AR-15 Rifle To One Lucky Supporter

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These are really crappy guns. It’s so much silly, harmful fashion. It’s the platform stiletto heel of firearms.

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Oh, Ron Paul. Out demonstrating his disconnection from reality.

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Junk gun. great way to liberate yourself into the future of the forgotten

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I’m Ron Paul, and I hate war, but I love guns. I also hate government, but I love my lifetime government pension.


Ugh, there’s just so much FREEDOM!!!1! and CONSTITUTION!!111! going on here. I just can’t take it.

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I think Paul should be sued for reparation by his former supporters. They at least deserve their money back. Palin and Paul has no decency in continually taking 5 or 10 off the rubes.

Which, in his latest newsletter, he said should be used to protect yourself against “youth” in inner cities.

Because of Campaign For Liberty’s tax-exempt status under IRS 501©(4)…

You have got to be f’ing kidding me!


Is this really all he has?? Desperation is really setting in now.

Will he require “the winner” to pass a background check? Or is he just gonna be a straw purchaser?

So sad.

Doesn’t want to accidently shoot himself ?

Proof positive that we live in a “gun culture”. Out of all the things he could give away, this is what he picks.

Giving away firearms is complete idiocy. Is Mr Paul gonna do a background check?? And is not purchasing a weapon with the express intent to give it to someone else not a strawman purchase which the SCOTUS just yesterday said was illegal???

Ron Paul might find himself in the “house of many doors” shortly.


The question of whether there’s such a thing as instant karma is about to be put to a definitive test.

It looks like the AR-15 is the weapon of choice.
It is the same “gift” being given away by the churches around the country…

That is sure some kind of strange Hippocratic Oath Dr. Paul subscribes to…

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than how come Rand didn’t join the Marines than he could have really defended our country. oops sorry i forgot Obama is going to take away your guns and the U.N. is coming also.

Like taking candy from a baby, has Paul no shame.

Churches and guns…What could possibly go wrong?

Fake Ron Paul press release news:

As we all know, when violence is great, the solution is to get more guns into the hands of ordinary citizens. That crime from lawless Mexico is spilling over onto US soil demands that we take action. As a result, Ron Paul is urging Attorney General Eric Holder to supply arms to our neighbors, the Mexicans. I’m sure the Republican party will stand behind such an action, as surely less crime will be the outcome.