Discussion: RNC Spox Likens His Role To That Of Doctors, Lawyers Assisting ‘Bad’ People

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More like an attendant at the State Home for the criminally insane…


Lie down with dogs…


“If the charge against me is that I fight to win and I’m intense, then I’m guilty,” he added.

… using My Little Pony.


Far be it from me to say that, but if you want to, go right ahead.


No, the charge against you is not somehow a compliment. The charge against you and your kind is that you are amoral traitors who are risking an unimaginable disaster to the country you claim to love in the vain hope of making your defeat slightly less catastrophic to your partisan aims.


Lawyers helping “bad” people, Spicer helping Trump. Six of one, a half dozen of the other. At least the “bad” people don’t say one second they were being serious, then sarcastic, then serious again all in the space of three seconds.


The comparison is inapt. Lawyers don’t help their clients commit crimes, and doctors don’t help people get sick.


He’s like a veterinarian, too…



“If the charge against me is that I fight to win and I’m intense, then I’m guilty,” he [RNC Communicatins Director Sean Spicer] added.

How about if the charge is that you’re an amoral hypocrite who sells his self-stated so-called principles for a few bucks and a pat on the back?


But lawyers follow their ethical duty to advocate on their clients’ behalf. This is the “help” to which I refer, same as Spicer spinning the ridiculous on his client’s behalf.

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Wait. If I’m reading his analogy correctly he’s admitting that Donald Trump is a bad person but he’s defending him anyway because it doesn’t matter how awful Trump is as long as there’s a Republican in the White House. I wonder if the bile people like Spicer spew ever leaves a bad taste in their mouths?

 The man now charged with defending Trump’s strident
anti-immigrant rhetoric and opposition to international 
trade agreements once championed the exact opposite

Not hard to do… when you are bereft a compass… morally speaking —

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When all defendants have adequate legal representation, it’s not just a benefit to them. It’s a check against abuses by our justice system. It’s important for America to have a functioning justice system, even if that means horrible people get a good defense.

How is it a benefit to America at all to have people actively and knowingly working to put a person who is rotten to the core in the White House? It isn’t.

This is so patently obvious that it pains me to even be typing this.


A summary of TPM LiveWire as of 2:42 PM EST, 8/17/2016:

Trump is going to create his own intelligence network to spy on all enemies foreign and domestic. Every critic will bow down to President Trump. According to Trump spokeswoman Katrina Pierson, there’s nothing new there. But torture advocate John Yoo is willing to write off SCOTUS rather than risk a Trump presidency. RNC spokesman Sean Spicer says it’s all in a day’s work: even the bad guys need a communications director.


I mean Spicer’s comparison. Lawyers help people accused of doing bad things but the help is intended to make sure their rights are respected, which is a good thing because everybody has the same rights. So they’re doing a good thing. Lawyers don’t help bad people become the fucking President, at least that’s not technically what their role in society is. So if they do try to do that it’s a bad thing. Ergo I think his comparison is a bad one.


Trump to Spicer: “Be more like Goebbels, you sad loser.”


James Carville famously said: “I told [Bill Clinton] , ‘You know, you pay for my head, but I throw my heart in for free.’”

But, there is an assumption here I’ve always made about that statement: that there are some people he won’t rent his head to, for ethical, moral, legal, and world-survival reasons.

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Spicer helped promote free trade policies during his tenure as a spokesman for the U.S. trade representative in the George W. Bush administration. He was also a key team member at the RNC when the party decided it needed to reach out to minority voters, including Latino immigrants, after losing the 2012 presidential election.

Yet the veteran GOP hand appears equally comfortable representing his party’s new standard-bearer, telling the Post that what mattered most was a victory in November.

There's an adjective for people of Spicer's ilk: Mercenary.

(of a person or their behavior) ***primarily concerned with making money at the expense of ethics***.
"she's nothing but a mercenary little gold digger"
synonyms:	money-oriented, grasping, greedy, acquisitive, avaricious, covetous, bribable, venal, materialistic; informal--money-grubbing
"mercenary self-interest"

“There are doctors who help people who have done bad things, there are lawyers who defend bad people,” Spicer told the Washington Post in an profile published Wednesday.

There are also whores who will fuck anyone who pays them. But then there are some who will draw the line at some things.