Discussion: Republicans Lash Out At Clinton Over 'Basket Of Deplorables' Remark

Predictable. Republicans see a chance to bring in the win here. For sure they will wring this like Dean’s scream for the next month.
The “half” apology or not doesn’t matter much.
At least Kaine said the right thing.

Aside: Clinton is practically talentless at politics. Qualified to be President, sure. Good at reading the moment and seizing opportunities—by herself, and not by the urging of her team? Doesn’t happen. I didn’t write this just because I am bitter now. That is what I have been telling my friends for months. To have a Presidential candidate with no talent, no charisma----wow. Is it European?:smile:


This is going to be great. Cue the tapes of the people at the Trump rallies using every vile racist epithet in the book.
It’s going to be an interesting two months.


Keep workin’ it, GOP. Because the exact figures don’t matter but the broad-brush picture is reality: a bunch of Trump supporters are just flailing around for something that gives them hope, and another bunch are pigs of various types but deplorable pigs in general. If you don’t like hearing it and the pigs don’t like hearing it then we can call the waaaaambulance and cart you off to the emergency room where you can get hugs and blankies and suck your thumbs until you feel better. Yeah, a few Trump supporters are more just going along because they’ve always been GOP folks and they’re just shrugging and getting with the program. And that’s deplorable too. Bottom line, Trump is not a normal candidate and pretending he is—well, as long as we’re in deploring mode, that’s deplorable too. We’re not in a time of respectful political discourse. Once you punks took him seriously, allowed him in the tent, that time was over.


I don’t see the problem here. Doesn’t tRump make jokes about Hilary’s supporters almost daily?


Would Reincey like to give us a list of the “Great Americans” that support Trump. I wonder which criteria Reincey is using for “Great Amercians?”


The usuals. But:

Gov. Mike Huckabee :heavy_check_mark: @GovMikeHuckabee
Hillary shows contempt for people in her “basket”. I think she blew a gasket. Her campaign headed for a casket.

Ole Mike is a poet and didn’t know it. Still keeping that death meme “alive,” I see. Sad, Mike. Very sad.


The Republicans built the basket of deplorable hate and have spent 30 years talking people into getting in it. Trump has just picked up the handle.


Does Huck think he’s a poet?

I know he thinks he’s a musician but sheesh.


Beat me to the punch. :slight_smile:


Repugs can dish it out but they whine like little babies when it come back a them. Clinton was dead on with her comments.


Perhaps you’re wanting to be entertained more than electing a serious candidate to do the most thankless and hardest job in the world.

Sixteen million people voted for her in the primaries. She has outraised Trumpo by a wide margin. If she has no talent and no charisma, perhaps you’re suggesting that more than half (or all) of her supporters are morons.


Yes, you discovered the secret of BOTH SIDES. When the Dems do it, oh my God, repugs act like they don’t. What a joke.


Interesting to see exactly which Rethugs are attacking Clinton. Rinse My Prius, Huckabee and Ryan. Not an all star lineup.


Ok, despite my earlier doubts, this is gonna be FUN!

Proceed, Madame President to further poke away at the thinly skinned hot-air buffoon and his dim-witted minions…


For as dead as the GOP is, Madame President misspoke.

It should be “casket” of deplorables.

Thanks, Hucky


" …For the first time in a long while, her true feelings came out, showing bigotry and hatred for millions of Americans." - Drumpf

He doesn’t seem to know Hillary is white …and off by 49.9 percent.


Low energy and sad!


I find it hard to believe that that was a complete “accident” on her part. For someone who is so careful, I tend to agree with the TPM posters on the other threads about this that she did it on purpose to put it out there. Its risky to a degree but she isn’t exactly new to this game and knows exactly how the Right plays it, correct? She’s had 25 years dealing with this…


Tim Kaine, lovin this guy with his clear, explicit explanation.