Discussion: Report: The Murdochs Are Planning To Ax Roger Ailes After Harassment Suit

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Subway is looking for a news national spokesman.


He’ll feel better after he has a light nosh.


I read something a few years ago that gave me the strong impression that Murdoch’s sons had long wanted Ailes out, but Rupurt was sticking by him.

Looks like this gave them the ammo they needed.

If I remember correctly, this article also suggested the sons were uncomfortable with/embarrassed by, the degree to which Fox News was a propaganda outlet as opposed to a legit news channel. That they wanted a serious news channel, even if conservative (presumably in the mold of the WSJ?), and viewed Ailes as a hack.

On this score, I guess we’ll find out. If they really want to legitimatize FN it’s going to be a bloodbath 1211 Sixth Avenue. The rating and the cash it generates, may be hard to walk away from.


Whatever satisfaction the public might get from Ailes’ departure, be assured that nothing will change editorially. The model for FOX is set, and profit margin drives all. Those vultures waiting in the wings to take over Ailes’ spot learned everything they know from Ailes and so the deviancy will continue to go downward. That’s fundamentally the way Rupert wants it.


Carson said he is advising Trump on education policy and commented that China and India’s vast populations meant that the US cannot afford not to develop all its people. He also commented that the phenomenon of face transplants show the folly of discriminating by race.

Oh, what has Owsley wrought?

How dare this magazine engage in rumors and innuendo about Fox personnel! Don’t they know that only Murdoch-owned media outlets are allowed to do that.


hell, we’ve got a local subway that is hiring. no age restrictions, too.

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“The rating and the cash it generates, may be hard to walk away from”

Or he stays on some brown envelope payroll like a Lewandowski deal


Suggesting that a man accused of sexual harassment eat something from a place whose tagline is “good things come in pink boxes” seems a bit on the nose, no? :innocent:


well, that’s kind of hilarious


rupert didn’t know of allegations all along? i don’t think so. let’s look into it.


Roger–Quick, there’s only one way to save yourself. Become a speaker at the GOP convention. Then, you’ll be assured of a cabinet post in Trump’s new world.


Couldn’t happen to a more deserving chap. However, whatever comes next could be even worse. At least, though, whoever it is won’t have cut his teeth in the NIxon White House.


If this is true, and Sherman has excellent sources within Fox, that internal report must already be a doozy if just the initial findings are enough to have Ailes removed. If even the old man is agreeing with the sons (who have never liked Ailes), it must be damning as hell.


I seem to recall that in the last year or three, he inked a very big contract extension. This may have been the context for the article I read suggesting the Murdoch children wanted him out.

Assuming Ailes goes, it will be interesting to see what follows. Who replaces Ailes will be the first clue. Like rebuilding a sports team, as contracts run out, who will be extended and who will be replaced should tell us all we need to know…

Anyone with any pride, would have to be embarrassed by Fox and Friends. I assume that would be ‘re-tooled’ fairly soon, and if not, I think we will know that nothing is changing.

Hannity has to be an embarrassment as well, but he brings big money. O’Reilly is only slightly less embarrassing and is even more valuable.

So, if changes are coming, it could be very interesting, and probably very slow.

UPDATE: Wikipedia says Ailes extension was in 2012 and is up this year. If true, it’s a safe bet he’s not getting extended. He’s 76.


“Murdochs Are Planning To Ax Roger Ailes After Harassment Suit.”

What’s the point of running of a partisan network to shill GOP propaganda, traffic in racism, and foment religious hatred if you can’t sexually harass the talent once in a while?


Talk about political correctness run amok…


You could see this coming from miles away. James Murdoch hates Ailes with real prejudice, he just hadn’t had a good excuse to get rid of him. He is probably willing to give Gretchen a million or two just for providing one.


But who has the stature and skills to replace him? Joseph Goebbels and Westbrook Peglar are long-dead and Glenn Beck is persona non grata. Limbaugh? Tanked his own ratings. Matt Drudge? He’d have to emerge from his bat cave periodically. Alex Jones? Busy with his own projects.


You’re right, dwward, I recall the same story. It was after the UK phone tapping stories. Board members of NewsCorp wanted whichever son was involved in that remove - James, I think - but instead Ole Rupe promoted him, giving him one of the most senior roles at NewsCorp. Whichever brother that was wanted Ailes out then.

Then last year there were multiple stories about Ailes being sick and not in the office and there was some talk of him retiring (or dying - okay I added that last part).

Looks like the Murdoch kids are finally gonna get their wish and the thanks all goes to Ailes himself! Ah, sweet sweet justice…