Discussion: Rep. Dent: ‘More Of My Colleagues Should Speak Up’ Against Trump

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A relevant detail, Dent is retiring. Like Corker.
Come to think of it Charlie, yo’re on to something. “More of (your) colleagues” should retire. Then they could go all Profiles in Courage about Trump’s deficiencies.
Works for me.


Would like to see a mainstream, not going anywhere, Republican, speak out. Special kind of cowardice to only speak your mind when it doesn’t matter anymore.


For every Bob Corker announcing publicly what the GOP is whispering privately, there are two Tom Cottons slobbering all over Donnie in pursuit of a cushy job. Sorry Dent, you’re not in Allentown anymore.


Are there any left? At the rate things are going, the few sane ones will be gathered and put in a display window at the Westchester Lord and Taylor store. Tastefully arranged among chintz-covered sofas and a display of bar crystal.


Too little and too late from this so-called “moderate” who voted for the Tangerine Tyrant!


Another retiree decides to make believe they are courageous. Call me when one of the folks running for re-election grows a spine.


By the time they figure out he’s a ball-and-chain around their necks, they’ll be halfway to the ocean floor. Like someone else said in this thread, works for me.


This shoulda been done a year ago, if you ask me (and you didn’t).

However, given Bannon’s plan to primary every recalcitrant GOP’er with a more idiotic extremist candidate, I have to wonder how many are going to be willing to go out on a limb. Could the entire group of the knuckleheads finally find their spines and do this?


Talk is cheap, Congressman. More of your colleagues should switch parties. More of your colleagues should retire. More of your colleagues should vote “no” when it matters.


Exactly. They’re not recalcitrant when it comes to the legislative agenda, just insufficiently bootlicking for Bannon’s taste. Sounds like a great way to get stuff done in Congress.

Maybe they don’t have to switch parties, but they could certainly switch caucuses or create one of their own without all the numbskull bootlickers.


It will be interesting to see how Rs in competitive districts message in the General next year, especially in the Northeast where Trump’s (and other GOP figures like Christie) approval numbers are horrific.
e.g. NJ-11 Frelinghuysen. Long-time congressman, very affluent district in North-Central NJ. He’s drawn a few good D competitors already.


Amazing the bravery shown by more and more (RETIRING) members of the GOP as regards criticizing Trump. The rest of that crowd…not so much. Profiles in continual cowardice all.
And lest we forget, may we allow the esteemed Charles P Pierce Esquire to remind us what a role Mr. Corker has already played in the advancement of Trumpism:

The big news on Monday was that Scott Pruitt, the extraction industry sublet and current second-place grifter in the Misuse Of Government Airplanes sweepstakes, took a jaunt down to Hazard, Kentucky to announce that “the war on coal” was over and that he would be rolling back the Obama Administration’s Clean Power Plant. This is because Pruitt is as complete a tool as one can find at Home Depot and because he no more belongs as head of the EPA than an elephant does performing at the Bolshoi.

Bob Corker thought that Scott Pruitt was just the man for the job.

Bob Corker also voted in favor of making a discreet racist the Attorney General, for putting a grifter at the head of Health and Human Services, and for putting unqualified buffoons at the head of the Departments of Education and Housing And Urban Development. Bob Corker was altogether fine with stiffing Merrick Garland for a year in order to hijack a Supreme Court seat for Neil Gorsuch who, apparently, even John Roberts can’t stand. It was cool with Bob Corker, several times, if millions of Americans lost their healthcare and if even the surviving restrictions on Wall Street brigandage and campaign finance went up in smoke. Bob Corker voted with the administration 88 percent of the time. And as Alec MacGillis pointed out on the electric Twitter machine, Bob Corker stepped in and monkeywrenched a union drive at an automobile plant in Tennessee.


Trump’s approval rating among GOP voters is 80%+. Until that number drops, don’t expect any profiles in courage among folks seeking reelection.


I guess if bold means the same as retiring then I suppose you could go with that

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Have you noticed that when tramp was called a moron and recently the White House was described as an adult daycare center that no one denied the allegations?!
Indignagation and denial that the allegations were made…yes, tramp and his gaggle of sayers showed indignation and denied that anyone actually called tramp a moron. Yes, they did.
But, no one denied tramp is a moron or needs full-time adult supervision.
No one!


I do however wonder what the GOP is going to do about bannon demand dump Mitch or else


Cowardly as it is to hold back on what you really think until you are safe, these guys are going to be in office for a while and I do detect significant crumbling around the edges. I too vote for “It works for me!”


Yeah, right? Quite telling.

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