Discussion: Relegated To Fringe Platforms, White Nationalists Stuck In Own Echo Chamber


seems like this would be a natural platform for Beitbart/Bannon to start…


This is nothing to celebrate.

Social media corporations and online payment platforms should not become censors and arbiters of free speech, regardless of how heinous that speech is.

That is a very slippery slope.

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Freedom of speech, not freedom from consequences. Promote hate speech? Go in the corner.



Probably what we should all do is stop insulting each other with lame bullshit. No one is censoring anyone. If I tell you I don’t want to hear your crap in my house and ask you to leave I am not censoring you. If I go about trying to silence you everywhere you go I am trying to censor you. Website have user agreements. They have to. If not liability may be attached to them if their site is used to harm folks. PayPal is not in the biz of financing hate and they say so in their user agreement. Facebook and Twitter the same. You go to Reddit or Fourtran for that. Facebook is a private entity with the right to set the standards of what goes and does not go in their joint. If you want to go in you agree to that. You violate that agreement with speech or anything else…out you go.

And lets cut the shit on “free speech”. That term has never been defined as anything goes. There have always been restrictions on speech particularly speech that incites violence, promotes intense hatred that will likely lead to violence or speech intended to harm via non-violent means. You can’t lie in Court or tell your Pastor to fuck off. You don’t have the freedom of speech to do that. You can’t make threats or extort via speech. And it would be a good idea if you’d stop using your right to speech to bullshit.

That last time a National Socialist movement existed it was wiped out by Americans and the world cheered. The German’s had their speech taken away by a bullet. No one objected on speech grounds. What Facebook and PayPal are doing is staying to true to their beliefs and not advancing antithetical ones. They have a right to do that. It’s their house.


This isn’t a free speech issue, though. Companies don’t want to associate themselves with hate groups because it can be extremely bad for business. Free speech concerns government censorship. And free speech works both ways. Companies and corporations have every right to tell a group of people who want to “throw all Jews into an oven” and “enslave women” that their business isn’t welcome with them. At the end of the day, the people these hate groups are attempting to marginalize vastly outnumber their broken-brained adherents. And we have no problems voting with our wallets.



Really? So you think it is all about hate?

Do you read how much hatred for Trump and Republicans is expressed on THESE boards? Do you know how much hate is expressed for supporters of [NOT MY CANDIDATE] by [MY CANDIDATE] supporters on these boards? Or many other liberal websites?

What if somebody decides that they don’t like TPM and cuts off their social media and funding mechanisms? You okay with that?

Don’t think that they can’t or won’t just because they haven’t.

The internet should provide equal access for all legal forms of speech. Corporations with monopoly power, vested profit motives, and multi-million dollar government lobbying efforts should not be self-regulating speech and money on the internet.

If you can’t see where that is heading, then you should think about it a bit more. Particularly when the President talks about how the media is out of control.

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Right. I hate to do this…but folks…I studied the American Constitution in The Netherlands where I grew up. I’m not sure how they portray it here but in NL they make it clear the Bill of Rights purpose is to restrict government. Understandable given it’s authors lived under a near tyrannical King and his Church. The Founders put the brakes on Government so Americans would never suffer the likes they did under King George.

The First Amendment restricts the Government from controlling American’s minds ( and does so by guaranteeing Americans the right to speak their minds ) and liberates you from the likes of a Church of England. It restricts GOVERNMENT. It does not restrict the American people. You can’t hold a Skin Head rally in a Synagogue unless the Rabbi says it’s OK. The First Amendment and its relevance to GOVERNMENT does not come into play. PayPal is not an arm of Government nor is Facebook. There’s a Fourth Amendment to the Constitution that keeps Government out of your personal affairs unless it has warrant authority to be there. Until a warrant is issued that allows Government into Social Media’s servers to control what goes on and off them they are free to do as they please…and not bound by the First Amendment to let others use their platforms to advance ideas antithetical to theirs.

WTF America? The Second Amendment does say jack about private ownership of a gun and the First doesn’t say jack about an American having to do something.


It is pretty remarkable to see the big social media sites and others toss the alt-right away, especially given that accumulating users is hard-wired into their DNA.

That’s a big difference.


You must not be familiar with Title II of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the federal law which prohibits discrimination by private businesses based on race, color, religion, or national origin.

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This sounds like an argument for having more options, which I think is more or less what the article described.


In as far as this disrupts the pipeline from shitposting and trolling to joining hate groups, it’s a good development. The young men who search out these dark, increasingly obscure corners of the internet probably weren’t going to turn out well anyway, but the ones who pass will remain functional, if somewhat obnoxious, members of society.


I am very familiar with it and the American idea behind it. It prohibits “discrimination” as in selecting a person out for harm, victim hood or maltreatment based on Race Religion and the like. It does not say you have a right to advance your ideas in the private sector where they are not welcome and rest on “who you are” as a justification. It seems folks that advance your position don’t get that have no right to advance discriminatory ideas and be free from discrimination from those that don’t agree with them. You have no right to sit in a steak house and bark at folks for eating meat. They can boot you out.

There is no obligation imposed on the American people to put up with another’s bullshit.

If American’s don’t get back on track with the big idea behind their Country and get over their fascination with slick ways to pervert it they are going to be hating life a lot more than they do now.


Utsav Sanduja? How white is he?

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Actually, what you are proposing is the slippery slope.

You are advocating for the government to determine who private citizens and businesses associate and conduct commerce. Invariably that would include mandating (which is basically what you are advocating) who people MUST associate and conduct business, determined by the government. Effectively eliminating the actual protections of the 1st Amendment.


I feel the left has been giving so much oxygen to racist hate groups over the last few years. I suppose just trying to create a new boogeyman to inflame passion and grab attention, but still seems incredibly irresponsible. There’s a fine line sometimes between reporting on something because it’s become popular and reporting on something to make it popular.

Not surprising; the thing is corporate culture is very sensitive over branding and being associated with bigotry is something companies do not like. It’s why Breitbart’s advertising has basically collapsed. Pretty much the only holdouts are Youtube and Twitter and if those two finally bit the bullet the alt-right would likely die out.


Overreaction except for the fact that the loony far-right has such representation in the goddamn White House.

Sure, the majority of Republicans aren’t goose-stepping just yet. Let’s just wait to react and see how it all works out, right?

Maybe Bannon’s alt-right is totally just kidding with those gas chamber memes. Maybe they’re, oh, 90% kidding when they make cartoons of Nazi frogs as their hero. Maybe they’re only 50% kidding about that international Jewish conspiracy thing.

But that kind of stuff regularly bubbles up to White House level. Make of it what you will.


White nationalists are represented by one of their own: Trump. They have media who peddle their message: Fox “News”, Breitbart, and hate radio. GOP members of Congress sell their message in slightly toned down language. Far from being isolated or in their own echo chamber, white nationalists run our country.