Discussion: READ: Senate GOP Releases Revised Obamacare Repeal Bill


Better Care Reconciliation Act



The whole purpose of the “Repeal and Replace” bill is a massive cut to Medicaid that can be delivered as a tax cut to the Republican donor class. If the cut remains in the bill or even if it is delayed a little, millions will lose health care. Grandmas across the country will be kicked out of nursing homes.


McConnell will say to the tenth or hundredth of 1%:
“Look how hard we tried!”
Folks, for safety’s sake we’d better keep up the pressure, but…
This POS, still laced with legislative IEDs and giving not “half” but a hemisemidemi loaf to both sides, was designed to fail.
So now, without saying so directly, the Conservatives can give a little bit of the blame to the “”"|beginquote|Centrists""", and vice versa.
But most of the blame goes guess where.
Good luck with that, MeYotch.

Edit:I’m still looking for an eventual last-minute retraction on the vote to avoid putting any of these cowards on record in favor of the bill.


The language in the bill released Thursday allows for Obamacare’s tax credits for individual insurance to be used on “catastrophic plans” that cover at least three primary care visits.

So, the subsidy would cover junk. ins. plans that also offer a visit to the Doctor to get your blood pressure taken (Which you could do right now at a CVS pharmacy).

EDIT TO ADD: And for THIS they’re staying in DC two extra weeks?? Christ on a cinder block, might as well go home already.


If the bill contains steep Medicaid cuts, let’s hope it dies next week. Anyone know what it does on Medicaid?


Yup. Lipstick, pig.


The Ol’ Devil has changed tactics …

No longer feels need to hide in the ’ details ’ —


I agree that the bill is designed to fail. And they will tell their base “Yeah, we tried, but couldn’t get it done because of those dastardly Demoncrats!”

But there are plenty of other ways to make the ACA fail. And that is plan B. Remove as much of the money as you can, don’t advertise, keep talking about repeal to spook the insurance companies, etc.

This is basic Republicanism these days. We don’t know how to govern, we only know how to screw things up. So that’s what we are going to do…


Not surprise, but definitely pissed - they’ve inserted language making any plan that covers abortion ineligible to be considered as a Qualified Health Plan. (if I’m reading page 7 correctly)


Can’t we just get the cliff notes or bullet points? I’m already exhausted. Score the piece of shit and get back to us. I can’t stomach another sick piece of legislation by those fuckers, causing so many more Americans to lose their healthcare, crater the insurance markets, and leave people sicker than they ought to be.

I’m pretty sure this legislation isn’t even fit to wipe my ass with.


And they’ve removed the penalties for failing to purchase a health plan, making it easier for the sharks to sell “catastrophic plans” that don’t cover much of anything. (page 10)

ETA - screw it. I don’t have the stomach to read 173 pages. I’m already disgusted.


They really need a new acronym for this abomination.

Maybe “Be CRAP” (the Better Care Reconciliation Act plan)?


… beyond the question of whether they’ll include a proposal from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) to let insurers sell unregulated plans alongside Obamacare-compliant plans.

Otherwise known as the “Cruz Right Up and Get Fucked By an Insurance Company” amendment.


If you’re ambitious, you can probably download it and try a search engine in Acrobat Reader by putting in “Medicaid” in the Find window. I’m not that ambitious.


CNBCs reporting that there are changes to some of the Medicaid calculations but “not clear how material changes will be”, same timeline for Medicaid phaseout. Have to look at the hospital stocks to see if they’re picking up as they will be hit the worst with Medicaid.


But once all those rich guys get those tax cuts they’ll invest it all in new ventures or hire new workers for existing businesses and then give raises to existing employees and all of that money trickles down and makes everybody rich and then nobody will be poor and we all get health insurance forever! Fool proof!

Or, they’ll just shove it all away, ship it overseas or buy a new yacht and then everybody but top earners are fucked. <— Probably this.


More crapola from Senate Republicans. Yawn.


Yeah another day another piece of shit and another loss for Mitch. IT doesn’t sound like they made changes that will get it passed.


Collins and Heller both in wait-and-see mode(signifying nothing); Johnson WI sez yes motion to proceed.

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