Discussion: Rand Paul: GOP Doesn't Need To Be 'Pure,' We Need To Find Common Ground

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Rand the Plagiarizer has lots of States Rights baggage along with business and property owners rights preachings, enough to sink any candidacy among minorities. Now he wants to find common ground with them? Not to worry, Mitt Romney will campaign for him unless he is too busy with another pile of damaged goods, Chris Christie.


“If we want to want to have a bigger party, we have to show concern for those who aren’t doing very well: the long-term unemployed … those who live in poverty, those who live in big cities,” he said.

Now for the translation all you have to do is replace the “b” in bigger with a “n”. You know the big city people.


The GOP hasn’t been anywhere near to being pure since it took in the Dixiecrats. So the Great White Libertarian Hope wants to bend their “principles” and start being positive about some things? That’s never going to work when you are dealing with fanatics.

The Christian Wrong has a strangehold on the GOP. And the KKK and its Band of Brothers in the Aryan Nation and NRA sure aren’t going to budge from their place of honor in the rank and file.
Paul is speaking heresy and will find himself out their on a limb just like his father always was.

I’m all for letting this little bigot stir the pot within the Republican Party. It’s not as if any of them have any real love for each other or anything positive to offer to the electorate. Let the cream of the corrupt conservative culture rise to the top and boil.


He desperately needs to appear to be reaching out so he can claim in the primaries that he’s the only Republicans who might be able to trick a few young kids into voting for the GOP again. It’s the same old strategy that his father used and it never works for Libertarians. They can’t win nationally working inside the GOP or running outside it.

Their Libertarian model is just too flawed. People who are as greedy as those Rand wants to attract are almost always social conservative hypocrites and war mongers. Libertarians mix oil with water and end up with mud.


Showing concern isn’t the same as doing something about it. When you’re constantly voting to end all the social safety nets, people naturally think you are a fool and have nothing but contempt for them.

It was bad enough when Republicans only used to punish the poor. Now they have made the middle class the new working poor. It’s odd that they can’t see this, but everyone else can.


“Some people think that we need to have a litmus test on everything and we need to separate out those aren’t pure enough,” he told The Associated Press. “I’m the opposite: I think we need to find our common ground in the Republican Party because we believe in some common things.”

For some reason I don’t think the GOTP is going to let anyone into their party is pro-gun reform, pro-choice, and/or pro-immigration reform.

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Shut up Paul this is our party and we ain’t sharing with nobody.

Remember Jack Kemp? Neither does anybody in the Republican Party. The majority of Republicans don’t give a shit about poor people. If a Republican politician wants to talk about the poor at all, he needs to do it the way Newt Gingrich or Paul Ryan does it. He needs to insult them.


“If we want to want to have a bigger party, we have to show concern for those who aren’t doing very well: the long-term unemployed … those who live in poverty, those who live in big cities,” he said.

He doesn’t see the irony here?

Isn’t “a bigger tent” the exact polar opposite of what the Tea Party has become for the GOP?

Especially on immigration.

Randy’s got a problem if thinks he’s inheritor of The Crazy that his dad built… those freeloaders, especially them city folk on welfare, ARE the enemy, to the Tea Mob.

This is borderline territory, we are on the frontier of reality.

The Crazy is infecting itself.


Aqua Buddha may be on to something. Once the Teahadis try (and fail) to reach out to others, they can in good conscience band together and “scorch the earth clean in 2016”!

Rand Paul is an expert in using code words. Masking the inability of the GOP, racist, religious bigots and corporate people, in finding common ground with hard working Americans, with the use of the word purity, priceless. A better word, unclean.


“Don’t need to be pure”??? Well now we know that Paul is in election mode! And his sudden desire for diversity says out loud “Let’s con people from minorities to vote for us”…


“I see unity and I smell victory,” Paul said.

Funny, it smells more like “Aqua Buddha”

He’s going nowhere, fast.


I don’t know that the republicans have to worry too much, they are awfully far from being labelled as pure. RANDY is a joke.



[the response from the tea party]

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If LePage was on the stage with him,that wasn’t victory he was smelling.


Didn’t Paul Ryan say this same shit when he found his Catholicism only to write a budget to ignore all the above.


He won’t win a sate that Romney lost, at best he will get 206 electoral votes

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What a liar about caring about the unemployed. Didn’t Paul vote against extending unemployment insurance for the long term unemployed? Now that takes huge gall to vote against the unemployed at the same time saying you care.