Discussion: Prosecutor: There Is Probable Cause To File Charges In Freddie Gray's Death

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Marilyn Mosby.

Just a short time in office, and such a marked contrast to Bob McCullough!


Never thought this would happen.




This woman is NOT fucking around. Whereas Bob McCulloch blamed the media and protesters and acted as Darren Wilson’s defense attorney, Mosby actually is going for a conviction and is holding the cops accountable for their negligence.


Watching her on BBC right now. Man, she’s a breath of fresh air. I hope this is the first in a series of steps to restore Baltimoreans’ trust in their government.


She truly is. And now, sadly watch as the right-wingers proceed to try to tear her down professionally and personally. I am sure Fox News is trying working that angle right now.


This is a huge fn deal. No pushing it off on a grand jury, no blaming others but those responsible, no playing around or long delays, setting the record straight instead of letting the rumors and misinformation drag on. Well done, Prosecutor Mosby.


I see the Baltimore police union has come out against this decision= they will be on faux tonight.


So what shade of lipstick will the racists put on this pig?

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I think it’s time to clean house in the Baltimore PD…


This may shed some light on why the protests…and why Mr. Gray ran.

Her report says “Mr. Grey committed no crimes” and wipes away the ‘carrying a switchblade’ nonsense too. It was not a switchblade but interestingly that enhancement was fabricated. It was a lawful knife…legal size and not a crime to be in possession of. Nor did any Cop know he had it until after the arrest.

That’s what they are protesting. In this case it was impossible for the Cops to hide the truth. But in most cases they do hide that truth and get away with what the protestors know is the real truth. The get away with murdering or falsely convicting Black people.

How can Hannity or a bobble head on CNN know what is going on? They might as well yak about what’s taking place at the bottom of the ocean…they do not know. They can not know but they do have an affiliation ( ie being White ) with authority figures and a love of them that drives their criticism of the protestors. The media and the Cops are peas in a pod. Both dissociated and incapable of understanding a community they control and criticize.

Now we know why Mr. Gray ran. Had he been successful in his getaway he would be alive today. That’s why he ran.


I didnt see this coming…but she has added credibility because she comes from a family of police officers…so you wont paint her as anti police…even Fox


I did some work on a penguin project at the Baltimore zoo about 30 years ago. The problem was ’ in your face ’ then so I don’t think clean-up is coming anytime soon.

Actually it seemed imminent to me. You just can’t do it immediately, you need to evaluate the ME Report, etc. It was done properly. The Homicide determination was not made until Thursday, and it would not be possible to indict before that.


Scott,don’t bet the rent/mortgage payment on that:

“so you wont paint her as anti police…even Fox”

Baltimore police union is against indictments,sure way to be on faux tonight.


I am not getting excited yet. There’s a case here in Chicago where an off-duty officer was charged with firing his weapon into a crowd and killing a woman. He was charged, but the judge threw out the case stating the prosecution failed to prove a key element required by the charge. It’s a technical point, the cop who shot a woman in the head walked. The DA might refile with the correct charge, but who knows.

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Unfortunately not…but it should be going on. In fact, it’s time to thoroughly purge the police of the bad apples…unfortunately, that’s not going to happen either.

Wanna bet? She is going to be painted as a crass opportunist with political ambitions that quite obviously, being one of Those people, hates police officers. I suspect we will see such accusations and framings coming out before the day is over on Fox and other right wing “sources”.


I’m surprised by this. I think it is a good thing for all concerned (outside the 6 cops charged that is). Looks like some justice will happen.

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