Discussion: Priebus: 'I Don't Believe A Thing Obama Says'

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He is one dumb fuck.


Priebus is nervous because he knows Obama is smarter then 95% of The GOP, and even with control of both houses The President will probably still be able to out maneuver them in a lot of situations.


I’m genuinely confused by this exchange. (I didn’t watch the video.)

Didn’t the DREAM Act pass in the Senate?

Didn’t the DREAM Act pass in the Senate?

Didn’t the DREAM Act pass in the Senate?

And doesn’t the DREAM Act represent the President’s thinking on immigration, as his preferred solution to the problem?

Did Erin Burnett push back at all on his assertion?



“I don’t believe a thing he [President Obama] says,” Priebus told Burnett.

Wow, that’s like a post-WWII record level of projection. Outside of the GOP approximately no one believes a word out Priebus’s mouth, and even within the GOP only about 15% of the party believes him.


Sounds like Rinse is poisoning the well…


Doesn’t this doofus follow current events? His party now controls the entire Congress. He doesn’t have to “believe” anything the president says. Boner and The Terrapin can pass any immigration bill they want.

Can’t they?


RIGGED ? People who were suppose to win lost and vice versa,largest takeover in 70 years come on .

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BTW definently wont be watching any “faux lite” cable news for awhile either since I know who the majority of the guest will be,since there was a GOP leaning before this election .The FIX was in IMHO.


“I don’t believe a thing he says,” Priebus told Burnett. “So he’s been talking about immigration reform for seven years, you’re using his words as if they actually mean something and asking me to respond to it. He’s been talking about this when he had 60 votes in the Senate and Nancy Pelosi in the House and they didn’t do a darn thing.”

Shorter Priebus: “He didn’t do it before when we refused to cooperate, so we’re not gonna cooperate now”


RNC PR BS --less than a 3rd of the nation listen or believe anything g you spew out of that puckered little orifice you call a mouth!


The Grand Old Victims only have the one part in the tired, made for TV drama so they’ll pass crazy stuff, the President will veto and they’ll play victim, again or still while adding HRC to the Obama hate email & photoshopping parade as dark money bubbles like matmoss*.

*see: Barbarella, 1968


Alright Reince!
Let’s get this clusterf^ck started!



Did see Barbarella. At a drive-in In 1968.
Age 10.
That? Was an eye-opener.


I Don't Believe A Thing Obama Says

Fair enough, Rinse. Nobody believes a thing you say either.


My family must have attended the same drive-in…God, those were fun adventures for us kids in the back seat. I still remember the night we watched Hitchcock’s Torn Curtain. Dad and Mom did not enjoy Barbarella, my brothers didn’t like it and I was disappointed by the lack of realistic outer space effects…But, think what poor Jane was going through.

BTW, how can a well people have been shitting in for 7 years be freshly poisoned?

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Yes, and IIRC the House passed a version of the DREAM Act in 2010.

Here’s the head of the RNC continuing to bash the president despite his party trying to appear reasonable and willing to work with Obama.

Well, that didn’t take long.

And I love how Priebus points to the immigration issue, despite members of HIS party saying they would pass something but then walking away from it. Brass ones.
But that’s ok. It’s in their hands now. They can DO something before the president, or try to override whatever he does. The ball is in their court now.

I just wonder if the press will finally realize the GOP is not interested in governing or working with Obama. GOP does their best work blocking and causing obstruction. Hopefully the Democrats will throw roadblocks their way now. They can criticize the route they are taking, bark about the way they are driving, even distract and throw things off course.Sometimes it’s not so bad being in the back seat for a change. Buckle up.


Truly twisted generals - hate peace more than anything - it is the greatest threat to their way of life.


What a smarmy little prick.