Discussion: Portland Stabbing Suspect: 'You Call It Terrorism! I Call It Patriotism!'

Ever notice how White Christianist “supremacists” are so inferior? Two things rise to the top

  • cream and pond scum.

“You call it Terrorism! I Call It Patriotism!”

I call it a life sentence in a supermax prison.


Being traded around for commissary items.


“Defense attorney Gregory Scholls did not return a call for comment after the hearing.”

No doubt nursing a massive headache after reading the transcript from the patrol car.

And look at the officer behind him in that picture LOL…that look…“do I really have to do my job today?”


And the ugliest people you’ll ever lay eyes on.


A pretty damn disjointed drunken terrorist. I am sure Steve Bannon is so proud.

Do they have the death penalty in Oregon?


I’m pretty sure that many WWII soldiers who died might have different opinion of someone who gives a Nazi salute being called a patriot. The few WWII vets who are still alive today could splain it to him


There’s currently a Governor imposed moratorium…

It’s okay… I think he’ll do well in prison >.>

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This is the face of Trump’s America, one of the things not reported in this article was the guy screaming about ‘free speech’ during his court appearance.


Fail. Rape isn’t funny, whatever the circumstances.


Merely stating a fact of what will happen.

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You have that right. No one listens to hate speech in there.

Nothing more patriotic than spending the rest of your life in America’s world-leading prison industrial complex.


This man is a total jerk and will get what is coming to him. However people need to acknowledge that the Muslim religion practices the same thing. Notice the killing of 30 Coptic Christians in Egypt by Muslims. Muslim countries discriminate against women and gays.

Bladder?? its called a Wineskin

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can we avoid linking this guy to political conservatives? true, right-wingers are getting increasingly violent, but this guy is seriously mentally disturbed. he has no more to do with conservatives than extreme environmentalists have to do with democrats. trying to make such a link undermines legitimate criticism of conservatives and the turn that republican ideology has taken.

I’m all for due process. Innocent until proven guilty. Mitigating circumstances, etc, etc, blah, blah.
But once this guy is (probably) found guilty, isn’t justice served in a better fashion, and a deterrence imposed, if he is executed in short order? As it is he’ll sit in prison for one or two decades before that penalty is exacted. Just hang his sorry ass, pronto. Geez.

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I ordinarily oppose the death penalty, but I am open to it if terrorism is involved.

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No, a guy like this is on a spectrum that leads straight from conservative media to him. Conservatives need to own their own.