Discussion: Police Union Rep Stands By Remark That Ferguson Protestors 'Want Dead Cops'

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“I’m trying to help you out.”

Trophy pundit wearing her psychotherapist hat this a.m.


Let’s be clear about this - if what the protestors wanted “all along” was dead cops, then there would already be dead cops.

These guys make it so obvious that they believe they are gods and they don’t have to listen, let alone respond to any criticism of them for even the most egregious offenses.


It’s a travesty that the person who purportedly represents the police is in effect advocating the establishment of a police state.


Teatroll Rosetta Stone says: “I fantasize about the coming race war.”


The shooter or shooters were peaceful protestors until they decided to pull a gun out and kill two cops," Roorda said.

Day 2 of unsubstantiated claims I see. Mika, he doesn’t want your help. He knows what he knows. There’s nothing you or I can say, data could show, or witnesses could corroborate that will dissuade him from believing that every single protestor wants the streets to run bloody with the blood of police officers.


What exactly does it take to become a “union Rep”? Given the recent behavior of the head of the police union in NYC, you can see why people stand idly by while public officials systematically disfranchise them. There was a time when the public would support unconditionally the work of the unions on behalf of their members…now it;s more like "these people are batshit crazy…fuck 'em… "


I say again, the protesters want the cops to quit shooting their kids.

This is wishful thinking on the part of the PU rep.


Yes. And what about when the transition from peaceful to violent protest was initiated by police violence? Peaceful protestors met plenty of police violence, both direct physical violence and through egregious threats like pointing high power weapons into the faces of unarmed non-violent people. Is he willing to take responsibility for any of that?


Keep in mind that in Ferguson there are two police unions. This is the (almost entirely) white union (a few black members but no black leadership) that is being quoted here. There is a second union that most black officers belong to. I sure wish the news would quote them!


Wasn’t he mighty quiet when the DOJ Reports came out? Now he’s all over (friendly) television shows talking about the evil protesters.

Police unions, of all the unions in this country, have the MOST corrosive effect on the public yet they face little to no scrutiny and the media trolls them out to talk about police issues.

This guy is a hack and there’s no reason anyone should listen to him about anything, particularly with respect to police.

Gun toting NRA fans are law abiding citizens until they pull out a gun and shoot someone but I don’t accuse every NRA member of murder when it happens.


Jeff Roorda of the St. Louis Police Officers Association reacted to the news that two officers had been shot and wounded in Ferguson by saying that the protesters there "want dead cops. That was their goal all along.”

Listen asshole, given that your entire police force is somewhere between 50 and 70 people and that some of these protests have had upward of several thousand people involved, if the protestors wanted you all dead you all would be fucking dead.

Further, it has already been established, based on where the shells were recovered, that the shooter was some 150 yards from the officers shot and the main body of the protest, so unless you have some other evidence linking the shooter to the protestors you are just jumping to the conclusion you find most convenient. Which makes you a shitty cop. Which of course is why your ass is getting protested. So why don’t you sit yourself down and shut the fuck up.

Edit: Sorry, that should have been 125 yards, I misremembered the article from yesterday.


Union guy’s logic of collective guilt also seems to make all cops racist, corrupt, and thuggish because of the few who are. Be careful of getting what you are asking for.


The protestors want a professional police force, not bag men for a criminal organization.


“Is he willing to take responsibility”

Excuse me, but LMAO

I find it truly remarkable how much the Ferguson cops seem to know about the motive and intended targets of what appears to have been a shooter with a handgun far outside the handgun’s effective range despite not having made any arrests. Their ESP might be more useful if it could identify perps rather than their motives, but hey, figure out a motive in advance and you always can find someone to arrest for the crime.


Consider the source:

St. Louis Police Officers Association spokesmen Jeff Roorda:

  • A former cop who was fired for falsifying police record.
  • A former Missouri State House Representative who sponsored a bill that would allow the government to “close any records and documents petaining to police shootings … unless the named officer has been charged with a crime as a result of the shooting.”
  • He is also against dash cams and body cams.

In reality, the only fact we know is that two policemen were shot.


That isn’t quite true, we also know that the weapon was apparently a pistol fired from somewhere around 150 yards away, based on police comments.

Edit:Sorry, that should be 125 yards, I was misremembering the article from yesterday.

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