Discussion: Police Investigating Texas Officer For Tasing 76-Year-Old Man (VIDEO)

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Injustice is a virus. Stop it early and often, which is why the protests against police using lethal force as a first choice in nonlethal situations serve all of us.


Editing errors: “exempted from exemption” and “after Robinson had used the taser on Robinson”


A 76-year-old black man would have been shot with a 9 mm.


You got that right. Especially in Victoria.


Wow, really? For pointing out typos?


Tasing kills. The old guy is lucky to be alive after being electrocuted. This is America’s problem. You think it’s okay for cops to hurt and kill people. Cops have been doing this for a long time. Youtube and technology has made it available for the average sheep to see for once. That’s why the cops and unions don’t think anything is wrong.


needless to say, but I will anyway.
Cop and badge
gun and taser gun
hollywood mirrored sunglasses
not so tough a guy to deal with so taser him.
good thing he is a white guy criminal all others would be dead because of self defense issues
Damn that inspection sticker that wasn’t needed by the dealership.
Hey honey, how was your day?
It was okay, I might be getting a paid vacation soon.
Why is that honey?
76 year old guy tried to beat me up and there going to try and make it my fault.


Arresting the guy for an expired inspection sticker?

Filed under “only if you’re brown…”


Just like the others. A man is hauled down by authority for a very petty ( in this case no ) offense and it ends up in violence. A cop with a “high and tight” hair cut, pegged shirt sleeves and ‘bad ass’ shades gets pissed off at what he feels is an affront to his authority…not the law. The cop was wrong on the law as we all know. It was his ego that was bruised by a citizen that didn’t show immediate deference to him.

It got violent because the cop got mad and tried to grab an object out of the man’s hand and the man reacted reflexively to that violent act: he pulled away. The “high and tight” sporting cop then loses it and tases a 76 year old man…twice when he is on the ground.

“he acted within standard police policy…no disciplinary action will be taken”…wanna bet it goes down differently?


“Public trust is extremely important to us,”

Not as important as notching your belt with unnecessary arrests though apparently.

Yea Bi0tch.

I know that when the Ghost replies to me I’m done for. Looking for nearest bridge to cast my dead-beat brother from. Problem solved.

76-year-olds are known for their lightening fast reflexes and super acute auditory sense…Clearly by pulling away, the cunning senior was about to launch his killer attack. Hopefully no one will make smart remarks about police behavior here and force the Victoria, TX police union to haul out the crying towels…


In that case, here’s three more:

“As Robinson went to grab Vasquez’s arm, he pulled away.”

“…moving to arrest Vasquez after point to the back of the car…”

“…The video then shows Robinson pointing a Taser at Vasquez, who out of the dashcam’s view.”

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Why does the cop have the right to grab the guy’s arm? he’s not arresting him. You can’t be arrested for having an expired inspection sticker. the guy had every reason to resist.

Asshole cop


Uncalled for. TPM’s editing is atrocious and pointing it out hardly merits that kind of response. You can ignore all the glaring proofreading errors but you can’t ignore someone pointing one out?


Is the original charge, which apparently was never actually completed, actually an offense that includes arrest and custody? That seems pretty extreme. I’m liking Texas less and less every day. It’s on the top of my Don’t Ever Go There list…and with a star now.


If this 76 year old man was my Father i’d be dead now due to me shoving that tazer up that cops ass while curb-stomping his stupid face into hamburger.

I blame hip hop.