Discussion: Pelosi Punts On Impeachment Despite Trump's Remark On Accepting Foreign Dirt

“This [statement] borders on so totally unethical that he doesn’t even realize it,” Pelosi said. “However, what we want to do is have a methodical approach to the path that we are on, and this will be included in that.”

“But not any one issue is going to trigger, ‘Oh, now we’ll go do this’ because it’s about investigating, it’s about litigating, it’s about getting the truth to hold everyone accountable, and no one is above the law,”


Do your fucking job Ms. Speaker - remember your oath of office - uphold the laws of this country and defend us against all enemies, both foreign and domestic


What is it about Mitch McConnell and the Republicans in Congress that they do not want to respond to what is so popular across the board in our country?” the House speaker asked. “— to take it back to your question, what is it about the Republicans in Congress, how much more can they bear of the President’s unethical behavior that they think that they are honoring their oath of office?”

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I have never been a fan of Ms. Pelosi. I admired how she handled the orange mess at the State of the Union, but I am very disappointed how she has been handling things lately. She knows way more than I regarding what is happening, she is an amazing political animal. The orange one HAS to be stopped and she is . . . . . I am loosing confidence in her methods.


Every time a Republican administration is allowed to skate on crimes they commit, the subsequent Republican administration will push the envelope further.


I’m still holding on to my belief that she knows what she is doing and is better at it than the rest of them. And while I am as nervous as the rest of you over her inaction I take great solace knowing that Fat Nixon is fucking scared to death of her.


She’s a pretty smart cookie, and I get the impression that she knows big time stuff that is not being shared, maybe even to close associates. There is a reason for her stalling, so I hope something bigger is coming down the pike.


IOW. Y’all expecting me to clean up this mess? I ain’t the one who tracked all this shit in here.”


but,but,but I was told that it’s just her responsibility and it’ll be her fault if it doesn’t happen.


I believe Pelosi’s position is tactical and that Trump is trying to force the issue so that his colluding with Russia and other crimes will be “old news” by November of 2020. That is Trump wants to be impeached NOW and Pelosi wants to impeach Trump later when the timing will make impeachment and Trump’s crimes an issue in 2020.

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I’m old enough to remember that Speaker Pelosi is the one who refused to even look at impeaching George W. Bush, too.

This isn’t her being strategic, folks; this is her keeping to her pattern of refusing to take action. “Trusting” her isn’t going to result in an outcome that involves getting Trump out of office OR held accountable for his crimes.


During the gov’t shutdown, Pelosi mocked McConnell when he seemed beholden to Trump. She mocked him for not defending his institution and ceding power to the WH when he didn’t have to.

The irony is that Pelosi is doing the very same thing now. She’s giving McConnell a veto right over the House’s exclusive authority to start impeachment proceedings and to impeach Trump.

She has this jarring habit of accusing Trump of serious crimes in the harshest terms, but then her response is to pass legislation??? She accused him of a cover up and straight up bribery today. She’s not wrong about that, but why is the response a strongly worded letter, a pointed finger and more legislation that Mitch McConnell will use to wipe his ass?

It’s cognitive dissonance. It’s weakness. Impeach. It’s good for the soul and it makes the House of Representatives the center of power in DC.

Our 3 impeachments show that the Senate doesn’t actually matter. 3 impeachments, no convictions, and the impeaching party has kept control of Congress and won the Presidency in the subsequent elections. There’s a reason for that. Impeachment sets in motion a political and legal process that highlights misconduct for the people and helps the impeaching party to frame the next election.

Seen in this light, the smartest political strategy for the Dems to undertake if they want to win the WH and Senate in 2020 is to impeach.

If you’re a supporter of Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris or anyone other than the 2 old dudes, you should support impeachment. That will provide the political opening for your candidate to rise. Support for Biden and Sanders is based on a fear of Trump. Impeachment weakens Trump and makes him less scary and will cause voters to take another look at your candidate.

Impeach. It’s good politics. It’s good for the rule of law. It’s good for the Republic.


She is doing her job. She doesn’t have the votes! We need to do OUR jobs and pressure our members of Congress to get her the votes. Until then, blaming her just provides cover for those hiding behind her.


She used the same tactics with GWBush, and see how that turned out.


Screw them all.


"House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi promised Wednesday that when her party takes over, the new majority will not attempt to remove President Bush from office, despite earlier pledges to the contrary from others in the caucus.

“I have said it before and I will say it again: Impeachment is off the table,” Pelosi, D-Calif., said during a news conference.

Pelosi also said Democrats, despite complaining about years of unfair treatment by the majority GOP, “are not about getting even” with Republicans.

She said the GOP, which frequently excluded Democrats from conference committee hearings and often blocked attempts to introduce amendments, would not suffer similar treatment.

“Democrats pledge civility and bipartisanship in the conduct of the work here and we pledge partnerships with Congress and the Republicans in Congress, and the president — not partisanship.”


It’s terrible fucking politics if the public opinion isn’t behind it and all it amounts to is a Pyrrhic moral victory and high-horsed windmill jousting.


Tell me again how Madam Speaker is an Eleven Dimensional Chess Grandmaster!

(Yeah, sadly she is nothing more than an agent of a status quo that has worked wonderfully for her, her family and the corporations to whom she owes her political allegiance. And if you didn’t figure that out after she let Bush, Cheney and the rest of their war criminal, fascist, civil liberties and Democracy-killing gang off the hook, then I can’t help you…)


Anyone arguing we should hand McConnell impeachment by this fall without the public on board, so he can kill it dead and leave next year free and clear for Trump isn’t playing chess. They’re playing Chutes and Ladders.


I do not remember anyone seriously discussing impeaching Bush and Pelosi was only Speaker of the House the last two years of W’s administration and he was a lame duck. But the bigger problem with Bush was Obama’s refusal to review any of Bush’s actions claiming he “wanted to be forward looking and not look backwards”. That is I believe Pelosi is acting correctly but I am more concerned about the next Democratic president not making the Republicans pay a political price for supporting incompetence and criminality and lies just like Obama did. Obama’s actions allowed Republicans who had been completely discredited by the worst president in most voters lifetime to get off the floor and challenge Obama during his term. There is no doubt that Trump is and will discredit all Republicans as Bush did by this time hopefully the Democrats will know to kick the Republicans instead of helping them get off the mat.

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