Discussion: Paul Ryan: ‘It’s Misguided To Protest The Anthem And The Flag’

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It’s misguide to worship pieces of cloth and songs as if they are deities.


Wake me when you’re “troubled” Paul, you might get more of a rise out of me.


While he made it clear that he believes “people have a right to express themselves,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Thursday that he thinks the protests during the national anthem at football games are “misguided.”

Yep, exercising First Amendment rights is certainly misguided. Unless you’re a white nationalist shouting “Jews Will Not Replace Us”

That’s just fine and hunky dory, right little Eddie?


“So I just don’t think…"

That’s part of the problem


Did any of our intrepid reporters bother to ask Paul Ryan to define “American ideals”? Because I’d sure like to know WTF he is talking about…


Take a fucking knee, Paulie, and shut up.


We should stop calling it an anthem, and start calling it a sacred hymn.

For myself, when I’m in a situation where I have to recite the national prayer (The Pledge), I’m going to end it with “and liberty and justice for some.”


“Ryan defended Trump’s stance that the protests are seen as disrespectful because they involve the American flag.”

You know what’s disrespectful to the American flag, Paul?

Flying that treasonous Confederate rag at Trump rallies, NASCAR races, and Southern football games.

Because supporting real-life traitors, who took up arms against America, and attacked our military

Actually dishonors the flag. And our troops. And the United States of America.

So get back to me when you call out all the treason-lovers in the GOP base who genuinely dishonor our flag.


As has been noted by others, there is no appropriate time for black Americans to protest. If it were not the flag or the anthem, conservatives would come up with some other excuse to air their contempt.


Whether he takes the wrong position, the wronger position, or the right position (purely theoretical at this point) he is such a mealy-mouthed coward on every single position.


"I think it’s misguided to protest the anthem and the flag.”

They’re not. They’re protesting that our system of justice seems to give free rein for cops to shoot and kill unarmed black people for little if any reason. They are protesting by means of a quiet and discreet action - kneeling - during the national anthem.

They are not protesting against the anthem or the flag. They are really appealing TO the ideals represented by the flag, insisting that America live up to the ideals that it theoretically stands for. They are invoking those ideals, not protesting against them.

This is not a difficult concept. Paul Ryan, the alleged wonk, should be able to get his head around it. But of course his political well-being depends on his failing to do so, so he won’t.


You know what’s an insult to the military lives you cheap punks so blithely conflate with a song? You know what’s an insult? Selling out the goddamn country to the Russians. And working with the bastard who did it. So shut your cheap punk mouth, Ryan.


Not one word, not a single word on the reason for the protests… police brutality against black people.

If you can’t say it, how will this be addressed?

Instead, your and so many others’ self righteous offense and outrage against the self imposed perception of disrespecting the military by kneeling in protest allows you to cowardly ignore the real tragedies that are driving this protest.

I wonder Mr. Congressman, how much you worry about your children never coming home because the they made the mistake of moving too quickly around a scared or angry cop, or perhaps “daring” to mouth off to cops.

Obviously you could give a fuck… maybe you should try to understand the dread many many black AMERICANS feel when their rambunctious and moody kids walk out the door. How much they pray for their safe return from criminals AND the police.

You and the other fake patriots can take your self righteous offense and shove it!


Once again, this is the talking point - that the “flag” or the “anthem” are being protested.

When you know that there are centuries of injustice, when you know that two police in the 21st century can get away with murdering a 12-year-old black kid sitting alone in a park, and you know that these are the kinds of things being protested, but you continue to lie about it, then you are not only denying the basic humanity of others, you are denying your own humanity, as well.


“What I don’t think people see from the get-go is when you do it on the flag and the anthem,

That he considers these protests to be the equivalent of a sexual act says a lot.

it looks like you’re protesting against the ideals of America, the patriotism, the people who put their lives on the line, given their life for the country,” he said to reporters Thursday.

Does anyone have the Humane Society’s phone number? I wanna register a complaint and I think that it needs to be done soon.


While he made it clear that he believes “people have a right to express themselves,” House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) said Thursday that he thinks the protests during the national anthem at football games are “misguided.”

That settles it, he’s all in for the “Miss Wisconsin” competition.


Oh for crissake. No one is protesting the anthem or the flag. They’re protesting inequality. Stop changing the subject.


Meanwhile, in the Middle East,…

Israel only occupies 2% of West Bank, says US ambassador

Nabil Shaath, an adviser to Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas, told the Guardian: “Sometimes ambassadors can be ignorant and sometimes they can be biased but this is completely ignorant, not just of US policy but the fact that the occupation refers to the whole of the West Bank and east Jerusalem.


Ryan is a fool if he really thinks the athletes are protesting the flag or national anthem.