Discussion: 'Our Country Is Full': Trump Doubles Down 'Emergency' At Southern Border

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The President is certainly full. Of something…


Why does all of this remind me of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf”? The Chief Executive is a boob, and an extremely incompetent boob at that. He wastes time, money and patience running around like his hair is on fire. I believe his good German father failed at raising a son with good German competency. (Thank God)



I think there needs to be a separate column called ‘dementia watch’ that analyzes each Trump speech or set of remarks for signs of it. The MSM does this thing where Trump repeats the same phrase multiple times because he can’t process or remember stuff or is struggling for words, and they report it as some type of affirmative political statement. They did this a lot with Bush, but he was just plain dumb. In Trump’s case, he’s not just ignorant, but his mind is also just not well. That’s a bad combo with a person who is of a generally malevolent and selfish nature.

This nonsense about ‘our country is full’ is another example of Trump jumbling words, scrambling to sort out his thoughts and then stumbling on to a rhetorical device that has been effective for him in the past. The media report it as a pronouncement from Dear Leader and the GOP will pretend to organize policy around it once Fox blasts it through down to every conservative outlet. This is a theatre of the absurd.


Methane, anyone got a match?


Trump could move back to his ancestral home. That would create some room.


I think your idea of a “dementia watch” is an excellent one. Let us hope that the management is listening.


Donald Trump plays pretend.


No more births, please, we are full.


Actually, many of the states that voted for Trump are mostly empty, e.g., Wyoming, Utah, Alaska, which is part of the problem with the Electoral College skewing Republican. Nativists have a zero-sum mindset that prevents them from seeing the opportunities in growing the country’s capabilities with immigration.


All of this is too true, but unfortunately there is a sufficient amount of the population that he obtained and still has a claim to the most powerful position in the country (and arguably in the world, although now it seems to be under the control of Putin). The best we can hope for at the moment seems to be to try to contain his damage for the next couple of years and throw him out of office (and take back the Senate) in the 2020 elections. (This is not to suggest that other opportunities should not be taken advantage of should they present themselves, and we should continue all of the investigations if only to keep him distracted and in preparation for lawsuits that can take place when he is no longer in office.)


I don’t know that Trump is just blathering, especially after I read that Trump pulled his nominee for ICE, saying, “We’re going in a tougher direction,” thanks to the machinations of his personal Rasputin, Stephen Miller.

These people are totally committed to their evil agenda, and they’re just pulling the strings of a crazy, though willing, puppet. They fill his head with garbage, and out it comes.


The policy is being defined by Stephen Miller and some other like minded Nazis. Trump is out there to sell it. He can’t remember jack, so stumbles, rumbles, and jumbles to buy time until his mind can latch on to the word or phrase that was provided for him on a color coded index card.


…of shit. I know shit. My uncle was a shit farmer. He explained it to me. It’s the best most potent shit there is. Really great. Huge shit. The best.


He gets so close at times though …

If he would just veer toward the other direction at the brink … as in …

" Our Country is full" … ’ of those who just hate … HATE any POC ’ —

Miller truly has him on a short leash —


It’s a choke chain.


I pray for the inspiration that comes from the saying “This Too Shall Pass” during a time when it seems so damned unlikely.


Talk is cheap.

The Republican party is the party of open borders for a day, a week, a year, or eternity.


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I’ve read, or skimmed headlines rather, about how the asylum system is in fact overwhelmed by problems this administration created in it, almost certainly deliberately. Maybe he means that—but I think it’s just as possible he’s trying to say there’s literally nowhere for asylum seekers to go, because he’s that incredibly concrete a thinker and outrageous a liar. His mind isn’t that far gone all the time—if you know anyone who’s traveling the impairment road you know what I mean—but when he gets himself worked up he says this stuff about forests and windmills and countries that are full. Reality and what he wants it to be start to shift, blur, overlap, merge.