Discussion: Other Senators Fume Over Cruz's Push For Vote On Obama Immigration Action

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We are only seeking a vote.

Oh, like the vote on the Senate passed immigration bill Democrats were denied in the House. The vote you encouraged Boehner to refuse? Yeah, it sucks when that happens.

As soon as the Majority Leader allows a vote on a measure to stop President Obama’s amnesty, we can and should move forward on this bill to fund the government

I’m actually all for that, and absolutely think Reid should give it to you. You guys should again remind Latinos and other immigrants just how much you hate them.


It seems that Sen. Cruz (R-Canada) wants to take the credit for shutting down the government.

So let him have it.


Bwahahahahaha. Love that this guy is forcing his side to not speak out of both sides of their mouths. Worst thing ever! Overreach! Bad! Illegals ruining America! Rule of Law! But they’d prefer to just ignore it in reality because it’s good for business, it’s the moral thing to do, they don’t really want to look like heartless bastards or batshit insane like Steve King, etc.

Besides it’s just plain easier to blame Obama than to actually make a real stand or actually govern.


Ted Cruz, like his communist, Fidel Castro assisting father, has one goal…to destroy America. When can we deport the duo???


And TPM dutifully cut-and-pastes Rafael’s entire demented Facebook post, giving the cray-cray cubano even more undeserved attention. Go figure…


McConnell is well on his way to getting Boehnerized, with Cruz, Rand Paul and the other aspiring occupants of the 2016 clown car preening for the cameras.
McConnell has sometimes been characterized as a master tactician in contrast to the stumbling, bumbling Boehner. I wonder how he’ll manage his restive caucus?


Oh, and Cruz, political and judicial appointments are legitimate business and need to get done, unlike your frequent outbursts and sideshows. They’re not for Obama’s benefit.


Like his 1950s doppelganger and role-model----Tailgunner Joe McCarthy----Cruz is more concerned with hogging the spotlight than he is with actually doing any real work that could be described as an attempt at governance.

Cruz has a constituency of one—Ted Cruz----and every single thing he does is done to satisfy the overweening egotism of that constituency.
If the country is harmed, or the economy tanks as a result, that’s just the way it goes.


“…Quit giving him so much attention. That’s exactly what’s causing the problem…”

In other words, journalists should stop being tools of a simpleton.


Sen. Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz (R-Anchor Baby) wants to take credit for shutting down the government and shutting the door on Latinos and other immigrants.

As most Republicans like to say; “I got mine baby, so fuck you.”


He wants to shut down the government just so he can blame Democrats and other GOPers that didn’t agree with him. What, you don’t actually expect him to fight his own fights that he started, do you?


True, he is definitely not one to “take it for the team.”

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A $24B rendition of Green Eggs And Ham.
For the money-- even Gigli ($75M) didn’t suck that much.



Once again, turns every process into a Barnum & Bailey sideshow –


A vote on WHAT precisely? This is the little McCarthy/Pinochet/Franco wannabe trying to grab the spotlight from Warren, but he proposes something that has no legislative reach. Pass the Senate bill–fine. But vote on WHAT precisely?


I think that ship sailed in 2000.


Yo. Mr. Cruz. I’m not “up” on Senate rules, and I don’t see any reason why the Senate shouldn’t perhaps provide a vote of confidence / no-confidence in Mr. Obama’s immigration policy. But – having said that, why, oh why, does Mr. Cruz get to decide that that particular issue is more important than the budget? Since when do you, one Senator from one state, get to set National policy? Or the machinations of the Senate – which I’d always thought were controlled by the Majority and Minority leaders?

Sir, your ego is immense; it shows in everything you do and say. It is obvious to all that you have ambitions beyond the Senate. But, in the meantime, you’re a freshman. There are many in the Senate with far more experience, and wisdom born of that experience, than have you. So siddown, shaddup, and learn how to act with the civility with which Senators have traditionally carried out their duties. Otherwise, go home to West Cupcake, TX, and run for dogcatcher.


Perhaps Time Magazine can put on it’s cover calling him the “new most interesting man in American politics”.

If you’ve been around awhile it’s assumed you’ve learn the difference between shit and shinola. Apparently that’s not the case for pundits and political reporters. Cruz puts on this act because he thinks it’s smart. It’s not. It’s dumb. It’s ‘look at me’ schtick. He’s hopelessly partisan and hopelessly in love with himself. But most important: He’s dumb. So why the fuck can’t we call him that?


I hope Cruz keeps this up. Cruz has repeatedly said that he didn’t come to Washington to make friends, but there is a limit to the number of enemies he can make:

US Constitution, Article I, Section 5, paragraph 2
Each House may determine the rules of its proceedings, punish its members for disorderly behavior, and, with the concurrence of two thirds, expel a member.

Cruz needs at least 33 friends in the Senate. The number seems to be undergoing a slow attrition from publicity stunt to publicity stunt.