Discussion: Orlando Newspaper: 'Either Do Your Job, Sen. Rubio, Or Resign It'

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That’ll leave a mark.


“Plus you take a $10,000 federal subsidy…”
What is this " $10,000 federal subsidy" the paper is writing about and how do you get one?


Grifters gonna grift…


Damn. Took the gloves off for that one.


Olympia Snowe has shown you the correct path, Marco. You have but to follow it:



Best Part:

**Two weeks ago, you took to the Senate floor to excoriate federal workers at the Department of Veterans Affairs for failing to do their jobs. You said, “there is really no other job in the country where if you don’t do your job, you don’t get fired.”

With the exception of your job, right?

Look, a lot us are frustrated by our jobs and office politics. But we still show up for work every day to earn a paycheck.

By choosing to stay in the Senate and get the publicity, perks and pay that go with the position — without doing the work — you are taking advantage of us.**


Took the words right out of my mouth! I am amazed the paper not only criticized this fool but the direct manner in which they did so, even calling on him to resign!

"Rubio has missed nearly 60 votes because of his presidential campaign, the Sentinel reported, and the editorial board wrote, “It is unpersuasive — and incredible, really — that you say your vote doesn’t matter.”

Very foolish to say so and worse, claiming that…“others who have run do it too”. Stupid as he’s missed nearly 60 votes more than all the others save Cruz. Rubio could have looked this up before opening his yap but didn’t.

A recent NBC News analysis found that Sen. Ted Cruz had missed 57 votes, Sen. Lindsey Graham missed 39 votes, Sen. Bernie Sanders had missed seven and Sen. Rand Paul had missed four. The same analysis found that Rubio had missed 59. All those senators are 2016 presidential candidates.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/10/florida-sun-sentinal-marco-rubio-should-resign-215229#ixzz3prjkjFHX

Not ready for prime time for sure!


You are ripping us off, senator.

Oh f^ck yeah!
Scathing and direct.
More of this please local medias!



Poor Marco – and here the BBC’s Washington analyst was touting him as the “real” frontrunner among the Republican candidates:

However, among the analyst’s list of strong points was: “Keeps gaffes to a minimum.” Apparently, Marco has just blown the gaffe.

The article also summarizes Rubio’s positions:

Where Rubio stands

  • Immigration: Used to be pro-citizenship but now takes a harder line
  • Iran: Will undo nuclear deal “on day one”
  • Pro-life: Right to life “trumps virtually any other right”
  • Healthcare: Repeal Obama’s signature law that extends insurance to millions
  • Climate change: No evidence that humans responsible
  • China: Promises to “get tough” about human rights
  • Gun laws: Violence is due to mental illness

In short, the ideal Republican candidate – on the wrong side of every issue.


the hubris of someone like Rubio: he must think he is ordained to be in higher office because, . . . . . . well, just because! FOOL!! MAROON!! Rethuglicant! (pardon me for the repetition).


He thirsts for the Presidency.


Has Rubio blamed the “liberal media” for twisting his words, yet? If not, I can guarantee you it will be coming. SOP for the right.


Nice they will have something to talk about at tonights debate…


So he’s “frustrated” in the Senate — He should it down with the President for a chat and maybe get that issue into better perspective —


All well and good but Dems have a much better shot at that seat if he doesn’t resign. Also, it will be fun to see Hillary bashing him with it if he gets the nod.


Agreed. The best thing is to keep the seat in his hands. Don’t resign and let that grifter Scott appoint another Tea Bagger who will then have the power of incumbency.


Wow. Rubio is toast, burnt to a crisp.

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Poor Marco – and here the BBC’s Washington analyst was touting him as the “real” frontrunner among the Republican candidates:

(response to above quote)

I understand (in theory) why an individual as morally and intellectually bankrupt as Rubio could ascend to elected office as a Republican (because that happens to apply to nearly 100% of the G.O.P. members of Congress).

What I do not understand is how a news organ with a national and international stature like the BBC would actually consider Rubio as a threat as a contender for the United States Presidency.

Against any Democratic candidate.


Hey: Marco’s remedies are for everyone else. His hand is in the federal till and there is no way he will take it out. After all he used his Party’s credit card for personal shopping when he was in the Florida House. Old habits don’t die. And he gets Obamacare at our expense!!! He should run for Scammer-in-Chief.