Discussion: O'Reilly Debates Russell Simmons On Crime And Race: 'It Pains Me To Talk To You' (VIDEO)

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Luckily for Bill he’ll be dead when Blacks are a majority in this country. Thank God.


Isn’t it great to watch smug rich white guys pontificate on the problems between blacks and police? It’s so shocking that he came to conclusion that blacks are responsible for the problem. I’m sure Bill put a lot of thought and research into it before reaching his conclusion. eyeroll


Bill O’Reilly is the guy that thought Black people yelled in restaurants, and was amazed at the politeness he witnessed when he went to eat in Harlem. That explains everything about O’Reilly’s view of Blacks.


Remember, this is the Fox Model: bring on people who are not exactly experts on the subject matter, but can pass as legitimate to a Fox News crowd. Billo would never bring on an African-American sociologist who can speak with authority. No, Charles Barkley or Whoopi Goldberg are his first call.


When two groups have a problem it’s always ONE GROUP that has all the blame. I wonder how Bill’s marriage is going?

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When was the last time Bill’O had a Native American on?

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It all…ALL…comes down to the fact that we have a culture as a society that doesn’t just tolerate, but encourages, inequitable enforcement. Little Jimmy the Cracker gets a slap on the wrist for smoking weed in the high school locker room during 5th period while Tyrone would get 5 years. Period. You want to talk about “skewed” statistics? It. All. Starts. There.


Yet the data in places like Ferguson refute O’Reilly’s asshat statements about crime. Black people had a LESS incidence of contraband (i.e. drugs, etc.) when searched than white people, yet disproportionately more black people were targeted and pulled over than white people.


This has nothing to do with police or even African Americans. This is for the geriatrics watching FOX and what excites them.

FOX praises whatever “god” it believes in every time the word “black” appears in their minds, because it spares them the necessity of concocting something far more difficult. Namely…

“What if the United States of America were uniform in population? What if everyone was so similar that creating ‘racial strawmen’ would be prohibitively difficult? How would we mobilize people?”

How then would those of limited intellect and substance feel regarding their status? How would they feel if they knew that a billionaire would regard them as a pedestrian on a sidewalk regards ants? As it was and is during the Ante Bellum South, the 90 years of Jim Crow and the FOX-juiced 21st Century, these white “ants” were and are exhilarated with just the thought of the existence of “inferior blacks”.

Otherwise, we would then be in the world of class. Socioeconomic things which the Republican Party has, for a generation and a half, successfully hidden from public view.


Whether the police target African-Americans for arrest or not, and whether that targeting is justified (I highly doubt it), that has nothing to do with choking an unarmed man to death.


I need Bill O’Reilly to choke on a falafel.


The 12th of Neveruary.

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Chris Hayes does a VERY good job of laying out the racism-laced lies and spin that BillO’ spews. And the fact that the clueless, bloviating and monomaniacal egoist O’Reilly doesn’t even seem aware of it, just makes it worse. :


Bill O’Reilly whitesplaining why our society isn’t racist and all the problems the black community has are entirely their own fault makes me want to throw up.


Bill O’Reilly is the epitome of a “hunky”

Yeah me too

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Well said my friend, well said

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The study I recall most clear shows the arrest rates for marijuana are much much higher (> 4x in some locations) for blacks than for whites, even though use rates are the same. Hard not to think that marijuana offenses are an extreme outlier in that regard.

I mean, “Hard to think”, sorry bout the typo.