Discussion: Oregon's Dem Governor Resigns Amid Ethics Scandal

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Really, it is.


Knock me over with a feather. Who woulda thunk it?

Can a tattered reputation be in tatters?

Pathetic how this went down. But at least we will have the first openly bisexual Governor in the nation’s history.



It’s a sad end to a long career of public service.


And the new Governor, Kate Brown is openly bi-sexual.

Oregon Will Have First Openly Bisexual Governor



This is sad but necessary. Our state has many issues that need addressing by the legislature including our being at the bottom of the pile for high school graduation rates as well as having one of the worst rates for early childhood nutrition. I believe that our legislature is capable and will be highly motivated to craft solutions to these and other issues.

Sad sack GOTPers will claim that if only Oregon would be open to actually having a two party system… Oregon would welcome a strong, credible and viable third party! Because our states GOTP certainly has not shown itself to be one. Their whackadoodle candidates might be electable in Kansas, Iowa, Oklahoma or other deeply red states but we’re not having it.

That’s why I love living in this beautiful and often crazy state!

As for Cylvia…well there’s this song that Shel Silverstein wrote…he just got the spelling wrong.


I had not seen your post and accidentally replied to it but there it is

If he was a Republican, the Corporate Controlled Conservative Press would have given him a the same pass they gave to Vitter, Gingrich, DesJarlais…


It’s true. But Democrats run this state, and they need to get some things done. With Kitz there, it would have been significanlty more difficult.


It’ll be wonderful when we can get all these “firsts” behind us and just start seeing people as, well, people.


It’s amazing how many politicians, having been in office for a while, begin to accept this sort of petty “insider trading” and nepotism as being completely normal. They’re initially taken aback when other people start pointing the finger. “Well, why wouldn’t I use my position to get a good job for my fiancé?”

I recall an interview with Bill Clinton when he was asked about big donors having better access to Adminstration officials than other citizens, and Clinton started to say that of course they do - that’s why they donate. You could almost see the moment when he realized that this was something he shouldn’t be saying out loud, and he quickly backtracked.


I don’t disagree. But I think “first” when they are signs of progress are worth celebrating.


First of all I always you were in Oklahoma.

Secondly, I never realized that Shel Silverstein wrote that song. I used to love it.

If you’re innocent, John, then tough it out. But don’t blame the media. That’s the talk radio and GOP way.

… and tried to do with Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell. Dang, what a mess that one turned out to be. I am sorry he and Mrs. McDonnell must endure all the finger-pointing, judging and nay-saying – but it’s only fair when you, yourself, have done exactly that to others … as part of your career, nonetheless.

The difference is Democrats won’t stand for the sleaze. And everyplace outside the Willamette Valley is GOTP territory … just ask Greg Walden.

And the conservatives who comment on the story in the Oregonian, and who seem to be the majority of commenters on that sorry newspaper, are obsessed with her sexual orientation. Why am I not surprised. This is a sad day for Oregon. Kitz was a good governor. I hope he can find satisfying and useful work to continue to help the good causes he has devoted his life to.