Discussion: Oregon GOP Rep Calls For Peaceful End To 'Troubling' Wildlife Refuge Takeover

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Such a forceful condemnation of those who won’t abide by the law!


“if history is any gauge, no one comes out of situations like this a winner,”

Actually history is a gauge and I’m pretty sure the government is going to win this one. Score another victory for tyranny.


"I’ll continue to be in close touch with community leaders and law
enforcement as we monitor this situation,” Walden said in his statement.

Sounds to me as if Walden is getting some negative feedback from his own constituents re: the “patriots” wanting to bring hellfire down on the county. I think it’s rather telling that some sh*thead in TN is ready to support the situation today while the guy who actually represents the place wants nothing to do with armed insurrection in his area.


Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim:

Same guy!

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Walden is your typical gun fetishist GOPer. He and those like him brought these idiots and this terrorist takeover to Oregon and now the rest of us Oregonians need to fix the mess they made, clean it up and pay for it so they can once again hate the government they so shamelessly take from at every opportunity all the while whining about not getting their fair share. This event is Walden’s making.


It would be good if Walden and some of his buddies (how about Ted Cruz?) would tramp out through the woods and tell those people to get the hell out.


Well, as least we now have something to talk about other than Trump.

Walden – the chairman of the National Republican Congressional Committee-- is currently in Annapolis, Maryland, for a Republican leadership retreat. 

You mean they have a takeover there … too ! —


“[I]f history is any gauge, no one comes out of situations like this a winner.”

Pretty sure Grant, Lincoln, and the Union came out of a “situation like this” a winner.

Of course, they didn’t face opponents as ferocious as Bundys With MacBooks™.


Methinks this is an election year loser as an issue for the GOP. They seem for the most part to be jumping off the anti-government flotilla with this one. Their calculus perhaps – this isn’t a good enough wingdinger to get behind. My guess is that armed insurrection doesn’t play very well in a general election campaign…Maybe for Joni Ernst types, but that’s about it.

Besides, most of the GOP’s fight over land management issues comes down on the side of the oil, gas and mining companies. That’s the fight GOPers really want to have. More drilling, more fracking, and more mountain top removals. As those industries have always been at odds with livestock and cattle ranchers, they must be asking themselves where the upside is in all this for them personally.

Rep. Walden has taken twice the amount of money from oil and gas than from livestock to finance his campaigns over the years…so I’m not surprised by his unwillingness to support these idiots. This Representative has been around since 2000 and his campaign chest has only gotten ridiculously larger over the years too, wiping out any opposition by a mile. In his case, forestry and forest products are the largest contributor to his campaigns.


Well what else would you expect a representative of the Zionist Occupation Government to say?

(tongue firmly in cheek)


Screw Walden. For decades he and his predecessor Bob Smith gave the nod to clowns like the Bundys. Now they’re reaping the harvest.


Hey we put people on the moon with less computing power than a Macbook. So yeah. They are still screwed.



“What’s happening in Harney County is very troubling, and, if history is any gauge, no one comes out of situations like this a winner," Walden [Rep. Greg Walden (R-OR)] said.

A real Republican, like Andy Holt, would be asking how he could help the treasonous insurrectionists. Clearly, Walden is a RINO.


Well, by Republican standards for criticizing right-wing terrorism, that is a forceful condemnation.


I’m not sure we do. This is pretty much Trump politics under a different banner.

Take it back! Republicans don’t do pointy-headed intellectual bullshit like calculus.

Perhaps you meant another word, like reasoning … well, okay, that one doesn’t work either. How about, umm, wow, this is a pretty difficult mot juste to find, how about … belief? No, that word doesn’t really give their nihilism the appropriate weight. Umm …

Oh oh oh! I’ve got it: Gut-feeling!

You know, that feeling they get when they think with what passes through their gut.

“Their gut-feeling perhaps …”

Yes, that’s it. That works, I think.


If those bozos really want some attention they need to use blackface, talk with a southern accent, and carry black lives matter signs. Then the local sheriff will act from great personal fear, noting that they carry guns which may not be toys, and shoot all of them. The GOP will then run that sheriff for POTUS, and pass a bill in Congress blaming Obama for causing the death and destruction. Followed, of course, by another lawsuit against Obama. If none of them can fake a southern accent, they can always wear sombreroes and fake some Spanish. Same result. But, who ever heard of a sheriff shooting a good lawabiding, godfearing white guy, even one with a gun?


The militia group, now calling itself Citizens for Constitutional Freedom

Aligning themselves with the Constitution and freedom, there must have been high fives all around when they came up with that name. I bet they gave an extra beer to the guy who thought of it.