Discussion: On Eve of Mega-Storm Christie Cans Transport Chief Over Expanding Bridgegate Scandal

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That SFF is dead to me! Christopher!!! Make me a sammitch!!!

Oh Chris, I seriously hope to see you in an orange jumpsuit, and I mean soon.

He’s acting like a mafia dude.


It really shows the depths of Christie’s hubris that he thought he had a chance of becoming president or even nominee while he was running the state like a shakedown operation. As much as they seem to revel in being lied to, even Republican voters don’t really like their politicians being outright crooks. None of this would even have to result in convictions or even indictments to sink him, and he’d still be toast.


Oh, Brian, I wish you wrote all TPM stories, but I understand that you tend to specialize and also have a day job.
Still, “On Tuesday, a former director of N.J.’s state ethics commission (stop smirking)…” and I ruined my keyboard.
Keep up your excellent work.


2nd that. I only came by to comment on the A++ snark by Brian.


they’ll never jail his ass… he’d sue for bad prison food and meals not large enough to be filling…

you know… cruel and unusual punishment…

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It’d really be something if TPM had a ‘reporter’ of Brian Murphy’s quality corresponding on each and every one of the states. It’s possible NJ is ‘special’ in the sense of having the most corrupt pols per square mile, but if so it’s even more likely that it’s a very close contest among at least a dozen more.

Regardless, Josh Marshall’s very fortunate to have someone of Brian’s qualities providing these sorts of reports, and so are we readers.


Chris Christie appears to be a version of a black hole. Everyone in his orbit collapses and gets crushed. Meanwhile, the black hole soldiers on seemingly oblivious to the carnage it leaves in its wake.


At this point, I think it’s more than safe to say that Crispy stands a much better chance of going to prison than he does becoming POTUS. It’s probably not even accurate at this point to call that fat bastard a presidential candidate. “Fat NJ turd swirling the drain” captures it more accurately.


Before Christie was caught all of these guys were considered first class and now that he is neck deep in his own shit, they are all dregs that have to go and Christie is trying to get some credit for clearing out the swamp of his own making.

Christie is just another Samson, Baroni, Jamie Fox etc. The only difference is, that he was at the top and can deflect longer than the underlings and has some plausible deniability that must be worked through.
This was one big basket of rotten and every last one of them needs to be held accountable.


For obvious reasons, New Jersey remains an ungovernable shithole.

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So has Fox News started trumpeting “Jamie Fox, DEMOCRAT” yet?

Maybe Christie can make Jack Welch the Transportation secretary next.

I hope Christie goes to jail. Governors need a lesson that they CAN go to jail for bad acts too.


Getting rid of excess weight-----to keep his rotten boat afloat…

Let’s see now… What’s that word I’m trying to think of … Dunce? No, Dupe? No. “Fall guy?” Not quite.

That’s it!!

(And Remember, folks. The good people of New Jersey RE-ELECTED this man.)

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As a long-time observer, I have to say the sleaziness of Chris Christie’s administration is remarkable, even by New Jersey standards. He’s a regular William J. LePetomane.

Rhode Island usually claims the highest corrupt pols/square miles ratio but it’s such a competitive field it’s getting hard to tell since the Supreme Court legalized bribery.

The long tail of cones,favors and dissembling ‘explanations’.

And that orange jumpsuit will unfortunately not be as flattering to his figure as a custom made suit.