Discussion: Obama Mocks 'Conspiracy' That He's Coming For Your Guns

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I always admire Obama’s ability to laugh off his adversaries, and to reveal them for the petty-minded clowns they often are. But I have a hard time laughing at “the government is coming for your guns” rhetoric. It was precisely this rhetoric that inspired Nancy Lanza (mother of Adam Lanza) to stockpile the most lethal weapons and ammo, and to take her lunatic son to target practice outings. And the rest is tragic history.


Some of you may recall an old “Far-Side” cartoon where the man is talking to his dog; from the dog’s perspective all she hears is: “blah, blah, blah, Ginger, blah, blah, blah Ginger, blah…”

And that is what the right wing nut jobs hear, “blah, take, blah, blah, blah, guns, blah, blah, government, blah…”.

It doesn’t matter that sane people understand that the President wants to make the world safer, they only hear what Ginger hears…


Yes, Right Wing talk radio blow hards, Faux news, and the Republican party Teabagger idiots have their under educated followers believing that Obama is going to take their guns away…pure bull shit and they are lapping it up like it’s cows milk.

Frankly, with over 35,000 American’s killed every year by guns and over 510,000 killed by guns since 9/11, if we had half a brain we actually would wake up and pay attention to the wisdom of our founding fathers and the words that Scalia and Roberts chose to ignore:

“A WELL REGULATED MILITIA”. In other words, THE National Guard…not untrained and ordinary citizens!


I have a difficult time imagining the GOP candidates doing this without attacking people in the audience who disagree with them. Kasich maybe. Bush would try to be respectful, but would say something so stupid and insensitive that it would instantly piss off everyone - including Republicans. Forget about your front runners. Scorched earth all the way…


I wish Obama was really coming to seize guns. Maybe more lives would be saved.


It’s worse than that.

The NRA’s contention proves conservatism has failed. Most of the legislatures, which are all controlled by conservatives, cannot secure the public safety. So, now the Republican solution is to let criminals have all the guns they want, and call it victory.

God is dead.


I watched the entire Town Hall and how Obama managers not to look at some of the people asking questions and say; are you nuts? Amazes me. That said I agree with Lew the the 2nd Amendment masturbators will not have heard a thing he said.


I also blame groups like the NRA for promoting the idea that citizens with guns, even fully automatic large caliber guns, will be able to take over the US government if they all got together and decided to. That’s one of the the most ridiculous ideas they seem to be pushing and the morons believe it.

Maybe we’ll get to see how well that works in Oregon.


We don’t, obviously.

I always admired the way Obama handles himself in these town hall meetings. Unlike his Republican opponents, Obama allows dissent at his public meetings. But to read how NRA supporters are lauding American Sniper’s wife on Twitter for confronting the President on gun control is almost laughable. Wasn’t her husband killed by a mentally ill man with a gun? True gun control might not have saved his life, but it may very well saved many others.


lets get real. there is only one way to go after the guns. there must be a federal gun buy back program to the tune of a trillion dollars. $500 - $1000 for regular guns and $2000 for automatic and high capacity weapons. take it out of the defense budget. money is the only thing people will respond to and given enough money people will line up for days to turn them in. it could also create a mini-industry for recycling them. of course this congress won’t act, but maybe one will in the future.


CNN had post debate Republican panelists who were insistent that there was still a legitimate threat that Obama is coming for their guns. These people are just frigging nuts. Why would Obama bother with this limited executive order of he still had a broader plan to take all of the guns?
I also can’t get over how they constantly talk about how weak and inept Obama is, yet for some reason they are terrified he has this master sinister plan to disarm everyone in America in the last year of his presidency. Crazy. Totally detached from reality. Nuts.


Yes, a gun that he handed to him. Because nothing says good judgment other than taking a mentally ill man target shooting.


And the woman that was afraid and wanted a gun, she still can have one. And she still can buy a few more. And she’s always had a background check unless she’s cruising gun shows so this doesn’t limit her in one bit…


Just to finish the analogy, Gingee the dog doesn’t get to make all the household decisions. The NRA is but one example of where we have allowed non-majority, fringe opinions to completely rule the discourse. Ginger is in charge on women’s reproductive rights, transgender recognition, climate change and many other issues. The House is basically full of Republican legislators who hear blah, blah, blah for all inconvienant facts.


The one question is even stupid and conspiracy guys would basically go at it like “Of course he would tell you he is not planning martial law”. It is stupid but those people cannot be reasoned with particular from their devil.

The woman who was raped, I am just sad that she believes the NRA so much. Nobody is trying to take her gun away. Nobody. I do not think many have said stuff about doing away with concealed and carry permits, but if we want to be honest their usefulness is highly questionable and the classes that are even used to promote them and train people are jokes.

It is telling that anything done now is attacking peoples freedom and liberty. Even something as small as making it slightly harder to get a gun and proposing money for mental health services. The later is the main conservative answer and you do not hear anybody talking about that one either. Even though it is not really a gun measure per se. The US should do more for mental health because it is better for the people as a whole to try and help those people with readier access to help.

Also, the NRA is a pretty funny thing. They did not want to be involved with something like this because Obama, but they are the sort of organization that would have something like this at a conservative conference, invite the president and then call him a coward.


Each American Citizen is guaranteed the Right to own a black-power, muzzle-loading, smooth-bore, flint-lock, long-gun that takes 2 minutes to reload, is as accurate as a thrown soft-ball (and has the same effective range) and misfires 2 out of 10 times you try to fire it. It also cannot exchange parts with any other gun successfully.


Thanks for this post. I’m afraid I’ve been pretty insensitive to your point and now I get it.


If I was a gun manufacturer or gun shop owner, I would vote and pray that every president is a Democrat from now until the end of time. I mean look at gun sales during all this nonsense! Daily mass shootings combined with a Democratic president are like gas on a fire when it comes to gun sales, and since the economy usually does better with a Dem in charge, people actually have the money to spend.

As long as none of the mass shootings involve you or your family as victims, you’re all good! I mean you’re a republican, right? So you couldn’t give a rat’s ass about those other people getting murdered.